Speed Up Client Onboarding With Teachworks

Speed Up Client Onboarding With Teachworks

If you’ve recently switched to Teachworks from other tutor management software, you may be thinking about the fastest and least disruptive methods for getting your clients onboarded.

Teachworks provides a number of tools to make the switching process as painless as possible. This article will explore tools specifically designed for client onboarding.

1. Import Templates

The first step to onboarding your clients is to add profiles for them in Teachworks. We have a couple of import templates that you can use to speed up this process:

Import template for Families and Child Students

This template can be used to upload students that belong to a family that will be billed for the student lessons. Children will generally fall into this category.

Import template for Independent Students

This template can be used for students that will be billed directly and not through a family. These are typically adult students.

For each of these, we’ve compiled step-by-step instructions to guide you through filling them correctly. Following these steps closely will help to prevent errors: 

2. Bulk Enable Users Add-on

Once you’ve added profiles to Teachworks, you may want to enable user accounts for your clients. User accounts holds many benefits for your clients including the ability to:

The Bulk Enable Users Add-on allows you to enable user profiles for Families, Independent Students and Child Students in bulk using checkboxes.

Enable User Accounts in Bulk Screenshot

Profiles will be displayed in the table if the following conditions are met:

  • The profile status is “Active”
  • The profile has an email address
  • The email address is not being used by another user account

These conditions ensure that you only see relevant clients, thereby speeding up the process further. For more information about this add-on, visit our knowledge base: Bulk Enable User Accounts Add-on

3. Setting Up Starting Balances

When switching to Teachworks, you may have clients that have credits available or clients that owe money. If you sell packages, you may also have clients with an available package balance.

To prevent confusion for you and your clients, you can add these starting balances to Teachworks by following the steps below:

4. Free User Guides

In addition to the resources above, we’ve also compiled detailed guides containing everything your clients need to know to make the most of their Teachworks account. 

Teachworks currently offers more than 55 integrations and add-ons, so your clients may not have access to all the features. For this reason, we’ve also included some guide variations based on popular setups.

Teachworks User Guide For Students - Download

You can access the guides here: Free User Guides for Your Clients

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