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Customer Cancellations Add-on

The Customer Cancellations Add-on makes it possible for your customers to easily cancel their upcoming lessons right from their Teachworks calendar or Lesson Reminder emails. It comes with a number of customizable settings to accommodate your cancellation policies.

In this article we’ll look at how the new add-on can benefit your business, the available settings and how you can monitor cancellations efficiently.

How the Customer Cancellation Add-on can benefit your business

Giving customers the ability to manage their own lessons can benefit your company in many ways. Below are some of the main benefits: 

  • It will reduce the number of cancellation calls and emails to your office, freeing up more time for your administrative staff. 
  • Customers are able to cancel lessons at any time without having to worry about office hours. This makes them more likely to cancel sooner rather than later, giving you time to fill up available slots.
  • You can provide clients with detailed information about your cancelation policies right on the cancellation form. This will help to reduce any billing confusion should they miss the cut-off. 
  • You can enable the option to provide a cancellation reason. This information can be useful for identifying trends and issues so that you can deal with them proactively.

Cancellation Methods

Customers can cancel their lessons using one of the methods below:

  • From a Lesson Reminder Email
  • From their Teachworks Calendar

Cancelling from a Lesson Reminder email

A “Cancel” link is included in the email (this text link can be customized). The recipient can click the link to navigate to a cancellation page. 

The cancellation page includes information related to the lesson such as the date, time, assigned teacher and location. You can also include custom instructions on the page for customers to review.

They can then click the red “Cancel” button to complete the cancellation process.

Cancelling from the Teachworks Calendar

Customers can login to their Teachworks account and click on the lesson they would like to cancel in the calendar. This will bring up a dark pop-up and they can choose “View” to see more details about the lesson as well as a cancellation button. 

Clicking the button, will bring up a similar screen to the one above where they can review instructions and click the red button and complete the cancellation.

Customizable Settings

The add-on comes with a number of customizable features that you can adjust as needed, including:


  • The cut-off time (between 1-48 hours).
  • The status to set a lesson to if it is cancelled before the cut-off time.
  • The status to set a lesson to if it is cancelled after the cut-off time.


Here you can enter instructions that the customer can review before cancelling lessons. It’s a great spot to include more information about your cancellation policies and how to get in touch. If your policies are quite lengthy, you can add a link in this field to a page on your website. 

Success Message:

This is the message clients will see once they’ve cancelled their lesson.

Cancel Link Text:

This word or phrase will be included in Lesson Reminder Emails as a link that customers can click on to cancel their lesson. If left blank, it will default to “Cancel”.

Please note, that you have to edit your Lesson Reminder Templates and include the {CANCEL-LINK} merge tag for this link to be included. There is a link to your templates on the settings page for your convenience.

Cancellation Reason: 

This option allows you to include a text field where customers can type in why they would like to cancel a lesson. If it’s enabled, the cancellation form will include the additional field above the cancellation button.

Viewing Cancellations

You can view cancellations using one of the following methods:

  1. On your Dashboard if you’ve enabled the “Customer Cancellations” widget (How To Customize Your Dashboard with Teachworks Widgets).
  2. By going to Calendar > Lesson Cancellations.

Interested in using the Customer Cancellation Add-on for your business? Follow the link to get started: Customer Cancellation Add-on

Requesting or Booking Makeup Lessons

If a customer would like to request or book new lessons, the following features make the process quick and easy:

  • Lesson Requests: This add-on makes it possible for customers to request lessons from their Teachworks calendar. Visit our knowledge base for more information: Lesson Requests Add-on
  • Lesson Bookings: This add-on allows you to add a booking button to your website. Customers can click the button to book new lessons, join open classes or enroll in courses. More information: Website Booking Plugin

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