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Prospective clients visit your website to learn more about your services, tutors and success stories. If they feel confident that your business is a good fit, they will likely want to take action and book their first lesson right away.

Clients may be browsing your website outside of your normal office hours, so requiring them to phone or email to book might cause them to move on. Fortunately, you can avoid this situation by providing clients with a booking solution right on your website that they can access 24/7.

Teachworks’ online booking software makes the booking process quick and painless. In this article, we’ll explore Teachworks’ online booking features in more detail.

How Online Booking Software Can Benefit Your Business

An online booking solution can benefit your business in many ways.

  • It’s always available (clients can book lessons without being restricted by office hours).
  • It will help to reduce no-shows and help you to get paid faster if you accept payments upfront.
  • It will save you and your office staff a lot of time since they won’t have to manage bookings telephonically or by email.  

Teachworks’ Website Booking Plugin: Features Overview

Our Website Booking Plugin is the perfect solution for your booking needs. This free feature offers a lot of functionality and flexibility and no coding knowledge is required to add it to your website. 

Below is a summary of the main features:

  • You can update the button colour and text visually in your Teachworks account to match your website’s unique look and feel.
  • You can add it to your website as a link, inline button or a button that appears on the edge of the browser.
  • It supports lesson bookings and these are added to the Teachworks calendar automatically.
  • It supports joining open classes, and you can specify the number of available slots. 
  • It supports course enrollments and allows students to easily view the course dates.
  • You can easily enable/disable the option to collect payment at the time of booking.
  • You can add multiple booking buttons to your website, have results jump to specific dates or add lesson request functionality (more information: Bonus Website Booking Plugin Options
  • When bookings are submitted by new clients, a corresponding profile will be created in Teachworks automatically.
  • You can collect all sorts of important information upfront by expanding the booking form with custom fields.

Website Booking From A Client’s Perspective

As we’ve mentioned in the section above, the Website Booking Plugin supports booking lessons, joining open classes and enrolling in courses. You can enable one of these options, a combination, or all. 

1. Booking a Lesson:

Online Booking - Book a Lesson

2. Joining a Class:

Online Booking - Join a Class

3. Joining a Course:

Online Booking - Enroll in a Course

Collecting Payments Upfront 

If you’re using our Stripe Integration, you can add a payment section to the booking confirmation form to collect payment for bookings and enrollments upfront. This feature will automatically generate an invoice and record a corresponding payment in your Teachworks account.

Get started with this feature here: Paying through the Website Booking Plugin

Adding The Website Booking Plugin To Your Website

The Website Booking Plugin comes with a range of customizable features that you can tweak visually in your Teachworks account. This includes:

  • The button colour and text that appear on the button
  • The types of options such as lesson booking, joining open classes or both.
  • Booking settings including the Location, Timeslot Duration and Minimum Notice Hours
  • The type of information that appears for employees (Name Format, Photo, Bio, Subjects)
  • The different booking options (if you’re offering lesson bookings)
  • The fields that appear on the booking form 
  • Email templates 

Once you’ve customized the settings as needed, you can copy the button embed code and add it to your website’s html. 

Interested in using the Website Booking Plugin for your business? Visit our Knowledge Base for more information: Website Booking Plugin 

Looking For Online Booking Software For Your Business?

Teachworks offers tutor management software that is optimized to streamline and automate the administrative functions of your tutoring business. It includes a free feature for managing online bookings right from your website. 

If you don’t yet have an account and would like to learn more, you can visit our website for more information.

You can also click the button below to get started with your Free 3 Week Trial of the software so you can start optimizing your business today!

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