Effective Invoicing: How to Get Paid On Time, Every Time

effective invoicing

Managing a tutoring company can be stressful if you have clients who have a habit of paying late. A great way to increase the amount of early payments, is by making the payment process as easy and efficient as possible for your clients. Here are a few more ways to simplify invoicing and encourage your clients to pay on time each time. (more…)

Grow Your Business With An Online Booking Solution

Online Booking Solution

Offering a convenient and user-friendly booking solution to new and existing clients will help you grow your education business. Our website booking plugin allows you to embed a customized booking button directly on your website. New and existing clients can quickly and easily click on this button to book lessons with you. Here’s what it looks like:  (more…)

Website Booking Plugin: Scheduling Simplified

Website Booking Plugin

We are really excited to announce our latest feature, the Website Booking Plugin. This brand new feature allows you to embed a booking button directly on your website. Your clients (both old and new) can then click on it to book lessons with their favourite teachers. To get started with this great feature, simply enable it on your Integrations & Add-Ons page and start customizing. (more…)