Speed Up Onboarding: Free User Guides for Your Clients

If you’ve recently switched to Teachworks from other tutoring software, music school software or driving school software, you may be a bit concerned about how it will impact your clients.

It’s important to make the switch as seamless and easy as possible for them, but it might be a bit difficult to find the time and resources to provide them with training while you’re also training your employees and refining administrative processes.

To help you out, we’ve compiled detailed guides containing everything your clients need to know to make the most of their Teachworks account if you plan to enable user accounts for them.

A quick note

Before downloading the guide, it’s important to note that no two Teachworks accounts are the same. The software offers many customizable settings and over 48 free integrations and add-ons, so not all sections may be relevant to your clients.

Creating your own variations

We’ve created a few different variations based on how our current customers use Teachworks. If you require a 5th variation, you can use a tool like ILovePDF for additional options.

ILovePDF offers the following tools:

Split PDF: You can use this tool to separate the pages included in the guide — each page will be saved as a separate PDF file.

Merge PDF: You can then use this tool to merge the relevant pages, thereby building your own unique variation.

Download a Guide!

Variation 1: Includes all pages

A Guide For Independent Students
A Guide For Families

Variation 2: Excludes Stripe Integration Section

Variation 3: Excludes Lesson Requests Add-On Section

Variation 4: Excludes Website Booking Plugin Section

Variation 5: Excludes Customer Cancellation Add-on Section

If you have any suggestions or very specific user guide requirements, please let our support team know.

Still looking for tutoring, music school or driving school software to streamline your business? Take advantage of our free 3 week trial to see if Teachworks is a good fit for your business!

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