Track Non-Teaching Hours with Work Lists

track non-teaching hours

With Teachworks you can efficiently track teacher hours and calculate their wages based on the lessons in the calendar. Did you know you can also track non-teaching hours? most education centers also pay their teachers for administrative work such as time spent planning lessons and /or, office work, reception duty and any other non-teaching tasks. To make scheduling and wage calculations more efficient, Teachworks offers a work list that contains the different types of work that your teachers and staff perform. 

You can create a work list of all the types of tasks your teachers perform and simply assign a wage value for each task. When scheduling non-teaching hours, simply select the appropriate work type to automatically calculate the teacher’s wage for the task.

When it is time to process payroll for your teachers, you can head to the employee hours table. The “Other Hours” section will include all hours from non-teaching scheduled events and the earnings will be calculated automatically as it is calculated with lessons hours.

To learn more about scheduling and tracking non-teaching hours visit our previous post on Scheduling & Tracking Non-Teaching Hours for step by step instructions on how to start setting up your work list today!

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