Scheduling & Tracking Non-Teaching Hours

Teachworks makes it easy to schedule lessons and automatically calculate teacher’s hours and earnings, but another useful feature is t=Teachworks’ ability to track non-teaching hours. Tracking non-teaching hours would include work such as lesson prep, office work, reception duty, or any other non-teaching tasks that you pay your teachers or staff for.

To make scheduling and wage calculations more efficient, teachworks offers a work list that contains the different types of work that your teachers and staff perform.  You can set a name and wage for each work type and then when you schedule an employee’s hours on the calendar you simply need to select the appropriate work type and their hours and wages will be calculated.  To add work types, go to the Account & Settings tab and click the “Work List” option.  Click the “Add Work Type” link and complete the form.

Once you’ve set up your work types, you’re ready to start scheduling and tracking non-teaching hours on the calendar.  To add a new non-teaching event to the calendar follow these steps:

1. Go to the Calendar tab and click the “Add Other Events” option.

2. In the “Event is for” field select “Single Employee”.

3. Select the Employee, Work Type and Location.

tracking non teaching hours

4. If you want to display the event on the calendar when it isn’t filtered by employee, check the box.  Otherwise, the event will only be displayed on the main calendar when you filter by employee.  Leaving this unchecked will prevent your main calendar from being cluttered with non-teaching events.

5. Enter a title that will be displayed on the event.

6. Enter the start and end dates and times and set up a repeating schedule if necessary.
Submit the form.

When you view teacher hours in the Employee Hours tables the non-teaching hours will be included in their total hours and earnings. On the Hours & Payments page for a teacher you will be able to track their non-teaching hours under the “Other Events” heading.

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