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We hope that you are having a productive week so far! Below are some of the updates that we’ve been working on in the past few weeks. But first, a note on Stripe

What’s new with Stripe?

Stripe now allows more currencies than ever before with over 130 international currencies available to choose from. With CAD and USD, there were always unnecessary conversion fees but with local currencies now available, credit card decline rates are down 20%.

You can start charging in your preferred currency by including the currency code when you create new charges.

What we’ve been working on:

1. Easily Add Equations in Lesson Notes

We’ve added a LaTex Lesson Notes Add-On to allow you to add math equations to internal and shared notes. If you are emailing the lesson notes to your clients, you may want to suggest that they install a browser add-on that can render the LaTeX in equation format as it will display as plain text in their email. Alternatively, they can login to their Teachworks account and view it there instead.

2. Stand Out with Colorful Lesson Notes and Emails

Customize and personalize your notification email templates and lesson notes even further with the use of color. We have added a color option to rich text fields for Lesson Notes and Email Templates

3. Assigning Students to Teachers

This new features improves efficiency by enabling you to assign multiple students to a teacher instead of having to do it on the student profile. Simply go to the teacher profile and scroll down to “Assign Students” to get started.

We have also implemented the following improvements:

  • One of our clients pointed out that seeing both the date and the day of the week would make their admin duties a lot easier and reduce room for error. We have therefore added a “Day” column to the Lesson Summaries Report.
  • We have added the Romanian Leu and Kenyan Shilling to our list of supported currencies. You can find these in your account settings.
  • The “Send Receipt” check box is now visible on invoice payment forms at all times.
  • The sales tax rate field is now slightly bigger to ensure better rendering in some browsers.

Our greatest resource is your feedback. Please help us improve the Teachworks experience by adding your suggestions to our Feature Suggestion Forum.

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