Spotting Teacher Scheduling Conflicts

teacher scheduling conflicts

When scheduling a teacher for a one-on-one or small group lesson, or even a class, it can be time-consuming to check all of the future dates of the class against the teacher’s other lessons and availabilities. Teachworks offers an easy solution to spot any teacher scheduling conflicts when you schedule a lesson. 

After setting up a form to schedule a lesson, click the green “Check for Conflicts” button.


By clicking this button, the system will quickly identify any teacher scheduling conflicts, for example, the teacher has been scheduled at this time with another student, and it will also check the teacher’s availability to determine the teacher’s schedule is open during the time you are attempting to schedule. Something that would have taken you a few minutes to check manually, is now done automatically in just a few seconds.

You will see the following message displaying teacher scheduling conflicts between the lessons in the schedule, other lessons, and availability. Any teacher scheduling conflicts that are found will be displayed and grouped into two lists – availability conflicts, and lesson conflicts.

teacher scheduling conflicts

Availability conflicts display any times that the lesson you are trying to schedule overlaps with time that the teacher is unavailable.

Lesson conflicts display the times that the proposed lessons overlap with another lesson.

Once you’ve reviewed the conflicts, you have a few options:

  • You can either adjust the time of the lesson you’re trying to schedule
  • Choose a different teacher
  • Proceed to schedule the lesson and then make adjustments to the individual lessons that had conflicts.

This feature is one of many features specifically designed to help educators save time and improve efficiency. By reducing the time spent on unnecessary administrative tasks you free up your time to be able to invest it in something else that can take your business further.

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