Improved Student Engagement: The Value of Celebrating Student Birthdays

Student Birthdays

Beyond the textbooks lies a unique opportunity for tutoring companies to improve student engagement and build meaningful connections. In this blog post, we’ll explore the potential impact of celebrating student birthdays and why you may want to make it part of your tutoring company’s approach, especially if you teach younger students.

1. It Makes Students Feel Seen

When your tutors recognize and celebrate their students’ birthdays, it helps to make students feel like an important part of your tutoring community, not just another client. It helps to foster a sense of belonging and helps to keep students motivated and engaged.

2. It Builds Personal, Meaningful Relationships

Remembering and celebrating birthdays strengthens the tutor-student relationship within your company, laying the foundation for trust, open communication, and a positive learning partnership.

3. It Boosts Student Confidence

By going beyond academics and acknowledging students’ special days, your tutoring company contributes to boosting their confidence, solidifying your reputation as an organization that cares about the individual journey of each student.

4. It Creates a Positive Learning Environment

Birthday celebrations led by tutors can transform learning spaces into positive environments where students not only excel academically but also look forward to a nurturing and enjoyable educational experience.

5. It Enhances Student Engagement

Acknowledging individual students through birthday celebrations can enhance engagement with your curriculum. Students who feel seen and valued are more likely to actively participate in your tutoring programs.

Designing & Sending Online Birthday Cards

If you provide in-person lessons, a physical birthday card might be a nice gesture to make your student’s day extra special. If you teach online, you may want to send a birthday email or e-card.

There are plenty of tools that you can use to create beautiful birthday emails and e-cards. One of the most user-friendly tools is Canva. They have various templates that you can use or customize as needed. For more information, you can visit their website: Free Birthday Card Maker

How To Keep Track Of Student Birthdays in Teachworks 

Teachworks makes it easy to keep track of upcoming student birthdays right on the dashboard. If you’ve recorded student birthdays on their profiles, you can display these on the “Student Birthdays” widget on the dashboard.

To make this widget visible, go to Account & Settings > Dashboard Settings and enable the “Student Birthdays” widget. Tutors can also see upcoming student birthdays on their Teachworks dashboard by going to Account > Dashboard Settings > Student Birthdays > Enable.
For more information about how to customize and arrange widgets on the dashboard, you can visit our knowledge base: Customizing the Dashboard

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