New Add-on: Assigned Students Notifications

New Add-on: Assigned Students Notifications

The Assigned Students Notification Add-on makes it possible to send an email notification to tutors when a new student has been assigned to them. You can customize the notification template to provide tutors with all the information they need to easily reach out and add lessons to the schedule sooner.

In this article, we’ll provide a quick overview of the Assigned Students Notifications Add-on.

Assigned Students Notifications Add-on Settings

The Assigned Students Notifications Add-on can be enabled on the Integrations & Add-ons page. Once enabled, you can click the “Manage” link to customize your settings. 

You can find the following settings on the Assigned Student Notifications page:

Child Student Details: Here you can choose the merge tags that will be used for child students in the Assigned Student Notification sent to tutors. Since child students belong to a family, you can include contact information from the family profile as well as the child student’s profile.

Assigned Student Notifications Settings

Independent Student Details: Here you can choose the merge tags that will be used for independent students in the Assigned Student Notification sent to tutors. This includes first name, last name, email address and other contact information.

Default Setting: This setting can be set to Enabled or Disabled. Enabling the setting will automatically check the box that appears when assigning students to notify the tutor. If you’ve set it to “Disabled”, you will need to manually check the box to send a notification. 

Default Setting On Profile

Editing The Assigned Student Notification 

You can edit the contents of the Assigned Student Notification by going to Account & Settings > Notification Templates and clicking “edit” next to the “Assigned Student Notification” template.

Editing the Assigned Student Notification Template

The {STUDENT-DETAILS} merge tag will be replaced with the relevant information from family, child student or independent student profiles depending on your settings.

For example, if the Assigned Student Notification is for a child student, and you’ve included {STUDENT-FIRST} {STUDENT-LAST} { FAMILY-EMAIL} and {FAMILY-MOBILE-PHONE}, the student’s first and last name, along with the family’s email address and mobile phone number will be included in the notification sent to tutors.

Assigning Students & Sending The Notification

Assigning a student to a tutor can be done from the tutor profile or the student profile. The process can also be completed in bulk depending on your specific requirements. If you need to assign multiple students to a single tutor, you can do this on the tutor profile. If you need to assign multiple tutors to a single student, you can do this on the student profile. 

For more information, please visit our knowledge base: Assigning Students to a Teacher

Enabling the Assigned Students Notification Add-on will add an additional checkbox to student and tutor profiles. You can select this checkbox to notify tutors that a new student(s) have been assigned to them.

Teachers field on student profile

If you’ve set the “Default Setting” option to “Enabled” in the add-on settings, this box will be selected by default. 

Once the relevant tutors or students have been selected, you can save the form to trigger the notification. Notifications will only be sent for new assigned students, not students that have been assigned previously. 

For more information about this new add-on, please visit our knowledge base: Assigned Student Notification Add-on 

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