How To Customize Your Dashboard with Teachworks Widgets

Having instant access to data can help grow your business and identify risks before they become problems. By personalizing your Teachworks dashboard with widgets, you’ll have easy access to the information you need to stay organized and make informed business decisions.

What is a Widget? 

Teachworks’ widgets are visual blocks on your dashboard that display key metrics and other useful information about your business. You can choose from over 20 widgets that display useful metrics like lesson profit details, upcoming student birthdays, lesson counts, and more. 

In addition to standard widgets, some of our Add-ons & Integrations have their own widgets, such as our Website Booking Plugin, Lesson Request Add-on, and more.

Configuring Your Teachworks Dashboard 

Personalizing your dashboard with widgets is a great way to get a quick visual of your business’ health. Follow these 3 simple steps to get started creating a custom dashboard!

  1. Make sure that you’re on the dashboard page by selecting “Dashboard” from the top bar. 
  2. Click on the “Dashboard Settings” icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. 
  3. Select “Enable” or “Disable” buttons for the widgets that you’d like to add or remove from your dashboard. 
teachworks widgets showing upcoming lessons as enabled and uncompleted lessons as disabled.

Setting Widget Order 

From the “Dashboard Settings” page, you can change how widgets are displayed by selecting “Set Widget Order” in the sidebar. You can then easily drag and drop widgets in your desired order, making it easier to find important information quicker. 

Setting Default Widgets for Staff & Teachers 

Within the Dashboard Settings, you have the option to select which widgets you’d like for both staff and teachers to see within their user accounts, depending on their profile widget permissions.

Scheduling & Lesson Information Widgets 

The following widgets can help you oversee the tracking of lessons all conveniently within your home screen.  

Lesson Status 

The lesson status widget allows you to see the total hours per each lesson status (scheduled, attended, and cancelled) for the previous three weeks and the upcoming three weeks. This helps you compare lesson hours week by week at a glimpse and accurately forecast future lesson scheduling.

Upcoming Lessons 

With this widget, you can see any future classes, their status, date and time all within a scannable list format. You also have the option to click each lesson to view its details or edit any of its information. This allows you to stay organized and on top of your business’s schedule, particularly if you have multiple people scheduling classes. 

Uncompleted Lessons 

Similarly, the uncompleted lesson widget keeps track of any lessons that haven’t been completed past their due date. This helps to bring any oversights or miscommunications to your attention right away so they can be completed in a timely manner. Once the class is completed, you can click the lesson and edit the details from the widget. 

Requested Lessons 

If you take advantage of the Lesson Requests Add-on, you can enable the requested lesson widget to enhance its functionality. This widget displays any lessons that students or parents have requested, along with the date and time of the request in addition to the notification email from the add-on.  

Lesson Profit Snapshot 

This widget is a great way to view finance details as they relate to your lessons. The lesson profit snapshot displays a table that measures lesson revenue, lesson wages, and the lesson profit for the current and previous two months. 

Using this widget allows you to quickly compare high-level financial performance details against previous months for up-to-date profit information. 

Booked Lessons 

The booked lesson widget is an extension of the Website Booking Plugin. With the plugin enabled, this widget displays any recent lesson bookings made through your website.

When a student books a lesson, you can quickly view the lesson’s title, time, and date, as well as the submission timestamp. Additionally, you can also zoom in on a specific request, or view all lesson bookings within one click. 

Flagged Lessons 

With the Lesson Flags Add-on enabled in your Teachworks account, teachers are able to flag unusual or unique lessons that need extra attention from administrators. This widget enables you to view a quick snapshot of the lessons that have been flagged and any associated comments about why they’ve been highlighted.  

Payments & Billing Widgets:  

These widgets can help you stay on top of your tutoring company’s finances. 

Invoice Totals 

The invoice totals widget showcases the amount of revenue to date via generated invoices, shown conveniently on a day-by-day graph format. This makes it easy to see any daily profit changes within the past week. To show the exact amount of earnings on a specific day, simply hover over the graph point that corresponds with that day.  

Overdue Invoices 

An easy way to see any recent overdue invoices is by enabling the overdue invoice widget. This feature displays each invoice’s due date and the customers’ outstanding balance within a list format, making it easier to recuperate revenue by ensuring all invoices are paid. 

Payment Totals 

The payment totals widget shows a summary of the total value of invoices generated by day for the past week in graph format. Making it easy to view any fluctuations or changes in income day by day. 

Business Management Widgets: 

These widgets simplify daily business processes helping you to be more efficient in running your company. 

Monthly Statistics 

Monthly Statistics provides an overview of how your tutoring company is doing on a month-to-month basis. It displays important information like the number of active students, active teachers, invoice totals, student lessons, student hours and payments that have accrued that month. 

These amounts are updated in real-time, whether you or any of your staff members modify them at any point in the day, ensuring you’re always kept up to date. 

Upcoming Tasks 

Teachworks’ upcoming task widget is an extension of the Task Add-on available in our Integrations & Add-ons section. If you’ve assigned tasks to your teachers and staff, this widget shows a quick glimpse of each task’s status, priority, and due date. This simple way of managing tasks can help you ensure your company stays organized even on its busiest days. 

Overdue Tasks 

Similar to the upcoming task widget, this feature shows any overlooked tasks that have yet to be completed. This way, you can easily follow up with the responsible employees and have the task finished efficiently.   

New Employee Applications 

With our Custom Forms Add-on enabled and custom employee application forms created, this widget is very useful to view any applications submitted by teachers. In addition to tracking the submissions, you can see a timestamp of the exact time they applied.  

Employee Birthdays

This feature shows any upcoming staff birthdays within the next week in a calendar format. You can also fast forward through each week to view any birthdays in future weeks for extra notice. 

New & Popular Features 

Staying up to date with all of the new updates and features Teachworks offers is easy with this widget added to your dashboard. Each time you log in, it highlights a new, popular function, making it a great way to discover new features that make your business processes more efficient, ensuring you get the most out of your account. 

TIP: you can also check our Change Log (found under Account & Settings) where all our new features, add-ons, and updates are posted. 

Customer Experience Widgets: 

A great customer experience is an important part of maintaining long-standing student relationships. The following widgets can help you stay connected with your students. 


Adding an inquiry form to your website using the Inquiry Forms Add-on allows customers to easily reach out to you any time of the day. The widget provides an overview of the name, email, question or message, and timestamp sent by the potential customer so you can easily follow up and answer any questions. 

Student Birthdays 

The student birthdays widget can easily remember student birthdays so you don’t have to. With a proactive reminder, you can send a friendly happy birthday email that can help improve your relationship with your students, making them feel more valued by your teachers and company. 

New Student Enrollments 

If you take advantage of the Custom Forms Add-on for student enrollments, the new student enrollment widget displays any new submissions from your website. Click the name of the student to view their inputted profile details and edit any necessary fields. 

Profile Notes 

The Notes & Communication Add-on allows you to record notes or log any communication within a student’s profile for internal use. Once that feature is enabled, you’re able to use the profile notes widget to easily view the date, name, and note specifications for each unread profile note for the last two weeks.


Now that you understand how to customize your dashboard with relevant widgets, you can stay on top of your key performance metrics and make informed business decisions easier. 
Teachworks is an online tutoring software that you can use to manage your educational company more effectively. To start building your own personalized dashboard, sign up for a free trial today.

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