FAQ Answered: Can I use Teachworks in my country?

FAQ Answered: Can I use Teachworks in my country?

Teachworks is web-based tutor management software that is accessible worldwide. Given that our software is hosted on a .com domain and our pricing is in USD, we occasionally get asked if Teachworks is available in other countries. 

Can Teachworks be used in your country? Absolutely. Our client base is made up of educational businesses across the globe. In this article, we’ll share some settings and features that make this possible.

1. Localization Settings

On the Account Settings page, you’ll find a Localization Settings section. Here you can customize the following:

  • Time Zone: The time zone in which calendar events appear.
  • Currency: The currency that will be displayed on invoices and credit notes, and used when recording payments and other transactions. If you don’t see your country’s currency listed, please reach out, and we’ll add it to the list of supported currencies.
  • Date format: The date format used in your account.
  • Time format: The time format used in your account.
Localization Settings

2. Translation Settings

If your tutoring business operates in a language other than English, you can take advantage of our various translation options for invoicing, communication and more. Translation features include:

  • Custom Invoices Add-On: This add-on makes it possible to customize your invoices in terms of positioning, layout, and more. In addition, you can use the add-on to translate the labels that appear on client invoices. Learn more: Custom Invoices Add-on
  • Notification Emails: All notification emails in Teachworks are fully customizable and can, therefore, be translated into a language of your choice. This includes Lesson Reminder Emails, New Invoice Emails, Welcome Emails, Low Package Alert Emails, and more. Learn more: Fully Customizable Notification Templates: The Full List
  • Terminology Settings: While it isn’t currently possible to translate the entire Teachworks interface, it is possible to modify certain terminology used throughout the software. On the Account Settings page, you can update the terminology used for “Teacher,” “Employee,” “Student,” “Family,” and “Event” to your preferred language.
  • SMS Notifications: Teachworks currently offers two SMS features – each with customizable templates that you can translate to a language of your choice. This includes a welcome SMS and SMS lesson reminders.

This blog post has more detailed information about the various options listed above: 5 Ways to Customize Language Preferences in Teachworks

3. User Time Zones

Teachworks supports companies in different countries, but it also supports companies with clients and employees in different countries. 

With our User Time Zones Add-on, you can easily configure time zones for both employees and clients. This ensures that lesson schedules are presented in their respective local times, reducing any potential scheduling mix-ups. Additionally, Lesson Reminder notifications and Lesson Notes appear in a user’s timezone to further limit any confusion. 

4. Other Features

Tax/Payroll Identification Number Add-On: This add-on lets you store tax or payroll identification numbers (such as Australian Business Numbers, Social Insurance Numbers, or Social Security Numbers) for teachers and employees. These numbers can easily be included in payslip emails or on teacher invoices.

Currency Converted Invoice Total Add-On: This simple add-on allows you to manually set an invoice total in a currency that’s different from your default currency. 

Stripe Integration: Our Stripe Integration makes it easy to collect payment from your clients. Stripe is one of the leading payment processors in the world and supports a large list of countries. In addition to credit card payments, the integration also supports direct debit options for specific countries. This includes:

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