Fully Customizable Notification Templates: The Full List

Fully Customizable Notification Templates: The Full List

When choosing Tutor Management Software for your tutoring business, easy communication with customers and employees should definitely be on your list of requirements. Teachworks offers many tools to enhance internal and external communication, including fully customizable notifications that can be sent automatically. 

Teachworks provides over 60 free integrations and add-ons that can be enabled in your account. Enabling specific add-ons will expand the available templates in your list. In this article, we will delve into the complete list in detail.

Notification Templates: Using Merge Tags

Merge tags are dynamic placeholders used in emails to make them more personalized for each recipient. They act as variables and can be used to insert specific information, such as a client’s name, lesson dates, or teacher details, into the email. When you send the email, the merge tags are replaced with the actual values for each recipient, creating customized and relevant messages.

Merge Tags Screenshot

Each of the templates that we’ll look at below serve a specific purpose. For this reason, each template has a unique list of merge tags that you can include in your emails.

Welcome Email Templates

Welcome emails contain all the key information you would like to share with new customers and employees. By default, the template notifies new customers and employees that they will receive a confirmation email to set a password and access their schedules and information in Teachworks. If you don’t want to enable user accounts for customers or employees, you can easily update each template with other relevant important information.

You can update any or all of the following welcome email templates:

  • Employee Welcome
  • Family/Independent Student Welcome
  • Child Student Welcome
  • Student Contact Welcome

Billing Notification Templates

Billing notifications are all the emails related to billing features (invoices, payments and credit notes). Sending these emails will depend on your selected settings. For example, “Invoice Reminders” can be sent automatically if you’ve enabled the “Invoice Due Reminder” option on the Account Settings page. When an invoice becomes due, an email will be triggered automatically.

Available templates that you can edit include:

  • New Invoice
  • Invoice Reminder
  • Credit Note
  • Payment Received

Payroll Notification Templates

In this section, you can edit the “Employee Payment” template to notify tutors when you’ve paid them. When recording employee payments one-by-on or in bulk, you can check the “Send Payslip” option to send this email to your tutors. 

Lesson Reminder Templates

Lesson Reminder Emails are sent to customers and teachers prior to their lessons if you’ve enabled these on user profiles. These emails can include a lot of extras depending on the add-ons and integrations you’ve enabled.

If you’re using Lessonspace for online lessons, you can include a link in Lesson Reminders to allow students and tutors to easily access online lesson spaces. Similarly, if you are using the Location Links Add-on, or the Teacher Location Links Add-on, you can include a clickable link in emails. If you’re using the Customer Cancellation Add-on, you can include a link to allow customers to cancel their upcoming lessons

Available Lesson Reminder Templates include:

  • Employee Reminders 
  • Family Reminders 
  • Student Reminders 

Lesson Notes Templates

Lesson notes can be entered when a lesson is completed in Teachworks. These notes can be sent to Families, Child Students and Independent Students by email. The Lesson Notes template can be used to add some additional information (such as lesson information and teacher information) in the emails that you send.

You can customize the template for Family Notes and Student Notes.

Uncompleted Lessons Template (Uncompleted Lesson Reminders Add-on Enabled)

If you would like to send tutors reminders to complete their lessons, the Uncompleted Lesson Reminders Add-on is the ideal solution. This add-on makes it possible to send automatic emails to teachers if they have uncompleted lessons within a specific time frame. The add-on comes with an Uncompleted Lessons email template that you can customize with any important information you would like your tutors to be aware of.

Lesson Request Responses (Lesson Requests Add-on Enabled)

The Lesson Requests Add-on makes it possible for customers to request lessons through Teachworks. When a request is made, it can be accepted, modified or declined. For each of these options, there is a corresponding email template that you can edit with important information.

Available templates:

  • Accept Request
  • Modify Request
  • Decline Request

Cancellation by Administrator/Teacher Template

If you’ve enabled the Cancellation Notifications Add-on, you’ll be able to edit the notifications sent to Employees, Families and Students when a lesson is cancelled. The default template is brief and contains only high level information. You can edit each template to provide tutors and customers with additional context.

Cancellation by Customer Template (Customer Cancellation Add-on Enabled)

This option will appear if you’ve enabled the Customer Cancellation Add-on. When a client cancels their upcoming lessons, emails are sent to the tutor assigned to the lesson to notify them. Additionally, emails are sent to the family and/or student to confirm their cancellation.

Tasks Templates (Tasks Add-on Enabled)

The Tasks Add-on allows you to add and assign tasks to employees. If you’ve enabled this add-on, you can edit this template to notify employees when a new task has been assigned to them.

Package Balance Template (Package Balance Alerts Add-on Enabled)

The Package Balance Alerts Add-on notifies customers if their package balance falls below a specified number of lessons/hours. You can edit this template to provide them with next steps to purchase additional lessons/hours. 

If you’re using our Stripe Integration in combination with our Package Purchases add-on, you can add a link to this template to allow customers to purchase additional package lessons/hours on their own. 

Lending Library Template (Lending Library Add-on Enabled)

The Lending Library Add-on allows you to easily keep track of items lent to students, tutors or both. If you’ve enabled the add-on, you’ll be able to edit the Item Due Reminder email as needed.

Custom Form Invitations Templates (Custom Form Invitations Add-on Enabled)

The Custom Form Invitations Add-on allows you to send invitations to employees and customers to edit their information through a custom form. If you’ve enabled this option, you’ll be able to customize the templates used for employees and customers with more information about why you would like them to update their profile information.

In addition to customizable notification templates, Teachworks also offers a myriad of features aimed at improving communication between you and your customers and employees. The following article has more information about our other communication tools: 8 Must-Try Features for Enhanced Communication

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