2-Factor Authentication Add-on & Other New Updates!

2-Factor Authentication Add-on & Other New Updates

Our team has been hard at work, focusing on both security and functionality to make your interaction with Teachworks even more seamless. Here’s a quick overview of our latest features and enhancements.

2-Factor Authentication Add-on (2FA)

The 2FA Add-on keeps your account data safe and secure by adding an additional layer of security in the form of a 6-digit code. This code is obtained from an authenticator app on your phone and is entered along with your Teachworks credentials.

Find more information here: Strengthen Your Security: Introducing the New 2-Factor Authentication Add-on

Google Maps Integration

We’ve added a Google Maps Integration that makes it possible to link to Google Maps for your various teaching locations and on client profiles. For more information, follow this link: Teachworks’ Google Maps Integration

Notification Updates 

  • An {EMAIL} merge tag has been added to the Schedule Confirmation Add-on to allow companies to include the recipient’s email address.
  • Additionally, we have added a {DAY-OF-WEEK} merge tag to the lesson reminder email notification templates.
  • We have added a “Send Email” option to the refund form and added a “Refund Notification” template.

Reporting Updates

  • A new “Service” filter has been added to the Lesson Summaries Report for added data filtering.
  • The date format used in the Last Lesson Report has been corrected.
  • We have updated the used method for checking if a browser supports Excel/CSV downloads on the Lesson Summaries report.

Stripe Integration Updates

  • When using a different payment method in Stripe, such as PayNow or BECS Direct Debit, the Payment Method label will be updated to display the name when only one option is available.
  • We have fixed an issue that was occurring when recording payments from the Stripe Przelewy24 payment method if the response from the client’s bank to Stripe has a delay.

Teachworks API Updates

  • The “Create Payment” endpoint has been updated to include an option to send a payment receipt.
  • We have optimized the API query for the “Student List” endpoint.

Other Updates & Enhancements

  • We have added an option to the Website Profiles Add-on that will allow you to limit the subjects displayed in the filter list.
  • For improved clarity, the email verification pending message from Postmark has been updated to indicate that you need to click the confirmation link sent to your email address.
  • A never-end option has been added to the “Schedule Settings” section of the Invoice Autopilot Add-on.
  • We have added support for Teacher Location Links in the Lesson Request notification templates.
  • Customer IDs can now be viewed in the sidebar of a family or student profile. If you need access to this limited access feature, please let our support team know.
  • We have updated the lesson text on the Customer Cancellation form to use the custom lesson terminology entered when the user is not logged in.
  • The query used in Master Accounts to improve the load time on the Branch/Company list has been optimized.
  • We have resolved an issue with the Custom Forms credit card label not using the label form settings set in the Account Settings page.
  • A “Create” action for invoices has been added to the Activity Logs to prevent any confusion (previously it displayed as “Update”).
  • We have added a “Manage” option to the “Staff” permission on Staff accounts that is only accessible to the company administrator which will allow the staff member to create other staff user accounts. 

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