8 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Teachworks Trial

8 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Teachworks Trial

Are you in the process of evaluating different software programs to manage your tutoring business effectively? Teachworks offers tutor management software that takes the stress out of tutoring business administration.

We offer a free 3-week trial with full access to all features, allowing you to thoroughly try out the platform before committing. When you sign up for a Teachworks trial, you won’t have to enter credit card details to proceed. This means there is no risk of being charged accidentally if you don’t take action before your trial ends.

In this article, we’ll provide you with 8 tips to make the most of your Teachworks trial to see if it’s the right choice for your tutoring business.

1. Follow the Setup Steps

When you sign into your Teachworks account, you’ll notice a series of numbered setup steps displayed at the top of the dashboard. These steps serve as a helpful guide, leading you through the process of configuring your account settings, adding services, locations, employee and student profiles, and exploring additional add-ons and integrations.

These sequential steps offer a clear and logical order to follow as you input trial data into your account, enabling you to begin testing the system promptly.

For example, to schedule lessons, you’ll need to have at least one service, one location, one employee, and one student in the system. Following the setup steps in order will ensure that you have everything you need to schedule your first lesson.

2. Keep an Eye out for Onboarding Emails

When you sign up for a Teachworks trial, you’ll receive periodic emails with additional information and helpful tips and tricks. These emails cover a range of topics from invoicing to reporting. You may want to keep an eye out for these emails to make sure you are aware of the various features that you can try out for your tutoring business.

3. Use Import Tools for a Quick Start

Having some trial data in your account makes it easier to try out various features, especially those intended for bulk actions, such as generating multiple invoices at once, or updating lesson statuses in bulk. Testing these features will give you a better idea of the potential time-savings Teachworks can offer your business.

You can use our various import features to add trial data to your account more quickly and efficiently. This includes Employees, Families, Students, Services, Payments and more.

You can find more information about our import features here: Teachworks’ Import Templates: Speed Up Data Recording

4. Utilize Our Various Resources

We have a range of resources that you can use while you’re getting familiar with Teachworks. This includes image tutorials, video tutorials and a knowledge base with step-by-step instructions on how to use our various features. 

Additionally, we’ve created tutorials for your tutors to make the onboarding process quick and painless: Teacher & Tutor Tutorials

If you decide that Teachworks is a good fit for your business, and you’d like to enable user accounts for your real clients, you can find detailed user guides here to make their experience a little smoother: Free User Guides for Your Clients

5. Try Out Add-ons & Integrations

Teachworks trial accounts have no restrictions when it comes to add-ons and integrations. However, to keep the interface clean and user-friendly, these are not enabled by default. You can go to the Integrations & Add-ons page in your account to see the full list of options and enable the features that make sense for your business.

We currently have a list of 60+ free Integrations & Add-ons that you can try during your trial. For an overview, you can visit our website: Free Integrations & Add-Ons

6. Create Test Profiles

In Teachworks, you can define different user roles, such as Administrative Staff, Tutors/Teachers, Families, Child Students, Independent Students, and more. By enabling user accounts for each role, you can customize their access based on your chosen settings and activated add-ons and integrations.

For a clear understanding of what each user type can do and access, you may want to consider creating test accounts for each user type. This will make it easier to address questions and concerns from employees and clients in future and provide confidence that your settings align with your precise needs.

7. Take a Look at Our Plugin Demo Pages

We offer a few different add-ons that can be integrated directly with your tutoring business website. This includes a Website Booking Plugin, Tutor Profiles, Custom Forms and more.

You may be a little pressed for time while you are trialing software options for your business, so we’ve created a demo section on our website that allows you to view these features right away.

It is important to note that these features can be customized to match your branding and you may have different options depending on your settings. However, these demo pages provide a quick overview to save you valuable time during your trial.

You can access the demo pages here: Teachworks Plugins Demo

8. Ask Us a Question

Should you have any questions or concerns, our support team is readily available to assist you. Simply click on the green “Help” button in your account and then select the “Contact us” option to send us an email.

To expedite our response and provide you with the most accurate assistance, please include as much information as possible, and feel free to attach screenshots and examples as needed. This will enable us to address your inquiries more efficiently.

Are you ready to start your free 3-week Teachworks trial? Get started here: Start my free trial

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