Teachworks Pricing Explained: Pay For What You Use

Teachworks Pricing Explained

At Teachworks, we believe in keeping things straightforward and fair. Our pricing model is designed to be transparent, aligning with your actual usage. We charge a fixed base fee and a variable fee based on the number of student lessons you schedule each month, ensuring that you only pay for what you use.

In this article, we’ll explore our three subscription plans – Starter, Growth, and Premium – and how we calculate charges based on your actual usage.

The Subscription Plans

Teachworks offers three subscription plans:

  • Starter Plan: This plan is ideal for those just starting out or with a smaller student base.
  • Growth Plan: This plan is ideal for medium to large-sized companies that are expanding their client base.
  • Premium Plan: This plan is ideal for large companies, companies with multiple locations that are managed independently, and those following a franchise model. If you subscribe to this plan, the base fee will be waived for the first 5 Branch Accounts you add.

All of our plans provide full access to the same features and functionality, with one exception. Access to our API is only available on the Growth and Premium plans. The API allows companies to build custom software and applications using the data from their Teachworks account. These custom solutions are generally created by developers that need additional technical assistance while the development is underway. These questions often require input from our development team.

Other than that, all plans have access to our 60+ free integrations and add-ons.

How Pricing Works

Each of our pricing plans have a base fee and an additional variable fee that’s based on your usage for the month. The variable fee is calculated based on the number of student lessons you’ve scheduled for the month.

What is a student lesson?

A ‘student lesson’ is counted by the number of students assigned to a lesson. To illustrate, a one-on-one lesson with a single student will count as one student lesson. For a lesson with two students, it will be counted as two student lessons. Similarly, a lesson with three students assigned will be counted as three student lessons. This straightforward approach ensures you’re billed accurately based on the actual student engagement in each lesson.

When are student lessons counted?

Student lessons are counted and recorded daily. These daily lesson totals are added up at the end of the month to calculate the student lesson fee for the month. Lessons that don’t have any students assigned are not included in the daily lesson count.

Additionally, Cancelled lessons are also excluded from the calculation, ensuring that you’re not charged for lessons that did not take place.

Which Teachworks Pricing Plan Is Right For You?

This would depend on a few different factors:

  • The size of your company 
  • The number of student lessons you schedule in a month 
  • Whether or not you’ll require API access

To make the decision a little easier, we’ve created a Plan Calculator to help you choose the most cost effective plan for your business. 

For example, if your company tutors 70 students and each of them has a weekly lesson (totalling 4 per month), you can complete the calculator fields as follows:

  • Number of Students: 70
  • Lessons per Student: 4

The calculator will automatically calculate the number of student lessons you’ll schedule in a typical month and recommend the best plan for your specific requirements along with an approximate estimate of your expected costs.

Teachworks Pricing Plan Calculator

Does your company offer group lessons?

If the majority of the lessons you schedule have 3 or more students, you can click the “Have more than 3 students per lesson on average?” link to find more information about additional savings. 

Clicking this link will update the calculator with an “Average Students per Lesson” field. Once you’ve completed this field, the pricing estimate will be updated to reflect the discount.

Teachworks Pricing Plan Calculator: Group Lessons

By aligning pricing with actual usage through a combination of a fixed base fee and a variable fee based on student lessons, we strive to provide fair and transparent pricing to all our users. This approach allows you to tailor your usage to your business needs, ensuring you’re billed only for the services you use.

For more information on Teachworks subscription plans and pricing details, visit our pricing page: https://teachworks.com/pricing 

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