Simplify Your Accounting: Teachworks’ QuickBooks Online Integration

Quickbooks Online Integration

Are you looking for software to simplify accounting for your tutoring business? If so, QuickBooks Online is an excellent choice. QuickBooks is a popular accounting tool that automates bookkeeping and helps manage your business finances better. It allows you to track expenses, income, inventory, payroll, and more with ease.

Teachworks offers a dedicated integration with QuickBooks Online that can help speed up accounting, eliminate the hassle of data re-entry, and ensure your books are always up to date. In this article, we’ll explore the Teachworks QuickBooks Online Integration in more detail.

How The Teachworks QuickBooks Integration Can Benefit Your Tutoring Business

  • Easy Syncing: With our QuickBooks Online Integration, syncing your Teachworks account with QuickBooks Online is quick and easy. Customers, services, invoices, credit notes, and payments can all be synced with a single click. This means no more duplicating efforts by manually entering the same data into two systems.
  • No more clerical errors: By syncing your accounting data between Teachworks and QuickBooks Online, you’re reducing the risk of errors that can occur during manual data entry. With accurate data transfer, you can have confidence that your financial records are correct and reliable.
  • Access to Sync Results: Our integration provides you with an easy way to view sync results for each record once the synchronization process is complete. This means you can track and verify every step of the data transfer process, ensuring accuracy and peace of mind.
  • Efficiency for Master Accounts: If you have a master account with multiple branch accounts, you can sync each branch’s account to a single QuickBooks Online account. This consolidation simplifies your accounting even further, allowing you to manage multiple locations efficiently.

Getting Started

Getting started with the QuickBooks Online Integration is a simple process. The first step is to sign up for a QuickBooks Online account. Once you’ve set up your account, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Integrations & Add-ons page in your Teachworks account
  2. Click the “Settings” link in the QuickBooks Online section
  3. Click the green “Connect to QuickBooks” button 
  4. Follow the prompts to connect your accounts
  5. Once connected you’ll be ready to save your sync settings and start syncing your records

Sync Settings

Once you’ve connected to QuickBooks Online, you’ll be able to click the “Settings” link on the Integrations & Add-ons page to customize the following settings:

  • Sales Account – Here, you can select the account from QuickBooks to which invoices will be recorded.
  • Discount Account – This is where you can choose the account to which discounts will be recorded. You can leave it blank if you want it to match the sales account.
  • Tax Code – The Sales tax code is used for any sales tax charged on invoices.
  • Deposit Account – You have the option to select the account where payments will be deposited. If left blank, Undeposited Funds will be utilized.
  • Start Date – If you wish to sync only transactions starting from a specific date, you can set the date here. If left blank, all records will be synchronized.
  • Exclude Payments – To prevent payments from being synced to QuickBooks, you can enable this option. This setting is useful for companies managing invoicing through QuickBooks.
  • Invoice Payment Options – Here, you can choose to enable “Online Credit Card Payments” and/or “Allow Online ACH Payments”. These options are helpful if you send invoices to customers from QuickBooks and offer online payments.
  • Invoice Instructions – If you want to sync invoice instructions to the “Customer Message” field in QuickBooks, you can enable this option. Please note that QuickBooks limits this field to 1000 characters.
  • Sync Invoices Last – If you’ve activated the “Automatically apply credits” setting in QuickBooks, you should enable this option, as it necessitates syncing invoices after payments and credit notes.

Learn more about the available sync settings on our knowledge base: Quickbooks Sync Settings

Sync Record Types

The QuickBooks Online integration allows you to sync the following records: Customers, Services, Invoices, Credit Notes and Payments. 

Each of these record types have specific logic and rules for syncing. For example, the following logic and rules apply when syncing customers:

  • New Records – If a record hasn’t been synced to QuickBooks, Teachworks will search your QuickBooks account for an existing customer with the same first name and last name. If a matching record is found, it will be updated with the contact details from your Teachworks account; otherwise, a new customer will be created.
  • Updating Records – If a record has already been synced to QuickBooks, it will be updated with any changes made to the customer’s profile in Teachworks. Changing the status of a customer in Teachworks to “Inactive” will not alter the status of the customer in QBO.
  • Deletion – If a customer that has been synced to QuickBooks is later deleted in Teachworks, that record will be set to inactive in QuickBooks.
  • Names must have at least one character and cannot include tabs, new lines, or colons.
  • Teachworks syncs any customer with the status “Active,” or customers with a status other than “Active” if that customer has unsynced invoices.

To see logic and rules for the other record types, visit our knowledge base: QuickBooks Syncing Record Types

Viewing Sync Results & Troubleshooting Errors

After you’ve synced to QuickBooks Online, you can view the results on the QuickBooks Sync page. If all records were synced without any issues, the table will show zero unsynced records. 

QuickBooks Online Sync

If there are values in the unsynced column, it means that errors were returned by QuickBooks Online. You can find the specific error messages by clicking the “View” icon in the table above.

Based on the error messages returned, you can correct the problem with the relevant record in your Teachworks account. If a specific error message is unclear, you can reach out to our support team for assistance.

For more information about the QuickBooks Online Integration and troubleshooting common QuickBooks Sync Error Codes, visit our knowledge base: QuickBooks Integration

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