Managing Tutor Availability: A Closer Look at Teachworks’ Unavailability Feature

tutor unavailability

Teachworks makes it easy to record and track tutor availability by allowing you and your tutors to add general availability directly to tutor profiles. Occasionally, tutors might have exceptions where they are unavailable during their regular times. As these cases are typically outliers, unavailability can be marked on the calendar to block off the time, rather than editing tutors’ overall availability.

In this article, we’ll delve into the unavailability feature in more detail.

Adding Tutor Unavailability

To add unavailability for tutors, you can go to the Calendar tab and click the “Add Unavailability” option. On the Add Unavailability page, you can select the relevant employee, enter details and select start and end times and dates. If the unavailability is recurring, you can select repeat settings to add it to the calendar quickly.

If you’ve enabled the User Time Zones Add-on, you can edit the time zone if necessary.

The process is more or less the same if tutors add their own availability. The only difference in tutor accounts is that the logged in tutor will be selected by default. For this reason, the “Employee” field will not appear on this page.

Editing Tutor Unavailability

Unavailability can be edited directly on the Main Calendar or the Teacher Calendar by following these easy steps:

Main Calendar

  1. Go to the main calendar and set the view to “Day” or “Week”
  2. Filter the calendar by Employee
  3. Navigate to the relevant date 
  4. Availability will be grayed out and you can click it to see the “Edit” or “Delete” options.

Teacher Calendar

  1. Switch to the “Day” view and filter the calendar by employee if you have a large number of employees
  2. Navigate to the relevant date
  3. Click the grayed out section to see the “Edit” or “Delete” options

The Teacher Calendar makes it easy to click and drag lessons between tutors to make sure students still have lessons when their regular tutor can’t make it.

Viewing & Tracking Tutor Unavailability

Tutor unavailability can be viewed in the same spots highlighted in the section above. It can be viewed on the main calendar’s Day or Week views if the calendar is filtered by an employee. Or, it can be viewed on the Teacher Calendar’s Day view.  

We have recently made it even easier to view and track tutor unavailability, by adding a dedicated “Unavailabilities” table that you can find under the Calendar tab.

The table includes Date, Start Time, End Time, Employee and Description columns. You can download the table by clicking the “Download Unavailabilities” link in the sidebar. 

The download includes more detailed information such as “Created At” and “Updated At” timestamps. If you’ve enabled the User Timezones Add-on, you’ll also see a Time Zone column. 

How Unavailability Works With Other Features

When unavailability is added to Teachworks, it is taken into consideration when the following features are used:

  • Conflict Checker: A conflict will appear if a lesson is added during the unavailability. If you’re using the Conflict Validator Add-on, this process will be automated.

Need more information about general availability? This blog post provides a comprehensive overview: Everything You Need To Know About Tutor Availability

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