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Great News!

We have made some improvements to the Teachworks – Quickbooks integration. You can now sync all your Teachworks locations to one Quickbooks Account. With the new update to the Quickbooks integration, your end of the month administration work is about to get easier!

Previously, you could only sync one Teachworks account to one Quickbooks Account. Now, all records for each of your locations and branches can be kept under the same Quickbooks Online account. The integration update allows you to sync all the locations managed through the master Teachworks account to your Quickbooks Online.

The update uses classes and locations to organize the data in Quickbooks depending on the location. You will be able to sync services, invoices, credit notes and payments and maintain all the information organized and accessible in Quickbooks Online. You must be subscribed to QuickBooks Online Plus for the classes and locations features to be available

This feature was designed and implemented for companies who manage more than one location. Thank you to those companies that suggested this feature and voted for it in our Feature Suggestions Forum. We will continue to work hard to make improvements to the Teachworks software so you can get the most out of your subscription.

To start managing multiple locations in one Quickbooks account, follow these instructions:  Syncing Multiple Teachworks Accounts to One Quickbooks Account. 

To check out the latest updates and improvements to the Teachworks Software visit our Change Log.

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