Replicate Lesson Notes For Group Lessons & Other New Features!

Replicate Lesson Notes For Group Lessons & Other New Features!

We’ve been hard at work adding useful features and enhancements to make the Teachworks experience even better. In this article, we’ll provide a quick overview of our most recent features and updates.

Replicate Lesson Notes For Group Lessons

We’ve introduced a new feature to the Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-on, allowing you to enter internal and shared notes just once, and then share them with all students assigned to the lesson. This functionality is particularly useful for companies that conduct regular group lessons and need to record the same notes for all attending students.

To enable this option, navigate to the Integrations & Add-ons page within your Teachworks account, and click on the “Settings” link under the Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-on section. On the Enhanced Lesson Completion Settings page, select either “Enable” or “Enable & Auto-Check Box” for the Replicate Group Notes setting. The “Enable & Auto-Check Box” setting not only replicates the notes but also automatically checks the “Email Shared Notes” checkbox.

Replicate Group Notes

When completing a group lesson, you’ll find a “Replicate Notes” link under the “Bulk Apply Notes” section. Clicking on this link will expand the form with lesson notes fields where you can enter internal and/or shared notes. You can then click the “Replicate to each Student” button to replicate notes for all students.

Replicate shared notes to students

Other Updates & Enhancements

  • We have added instant triggers for new customers, students and employees triggers to the Teachworks app on Zapier.
  • We have added a “Allow Override of Cutoff Time” setting to the Open Classes Add-on. When scheduling open classes, this option lets you choose to override the default Cutoff Time and allow students to enroll up to the start of the lesson.
override default cutoff time
  • We have added timestamps to the sidebar of the “Edit Service” form. It is now possible to see when the service was created, when it was last updated and if you have Wage Tiers enabled, when the Wage Tier rates were last updated.
Service list time stamps
  • We have added an option to the Last Lesson report that allows you to display the names of students as links to their profiles.
  • We have added a {DAY} merge tag to the Schedule Confirmations emails.
  • We have updated the date filter on the Lesson History table to work in the same way as the date filter on Lesson History by Student table (ie. if start or end date is blank, set to a default value).
  • We’ve added Student ID and Customer ID columns to the Lesson Summaries Report.
  • We have fixed an issue that was occurring with setting the lesson cost in joining courses where the duration of lessons in the course have different durations.

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