5 Features To Keep Client And Employee Profiles Up-to-Date 

5 Features To Keep Client And Employee Profiles Up-to-Date

Keeping client and employee profiles up-to-date is important for the efficient operation of your tutoring business. Having the correct details available at all times ensures that you can reach clients and employees instantly regarding schedule changes, billing, and all other inquiries.

Teachworks is tutor management software that helps to simplify client and employee profile management. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the various tools available in Teachworks to keep your client and employee profiles up-to-date.

1. Custom Form Invitations Add-on 

The Custom Form Invitations Add-on allows you to send invitations to existing clients and employees to update their information through a custom form. If you would like to confirm that contact information and billing information is recent, you can create a short custom form that contains only the relevant fields and send these off periodically. 

When users open the form, their profile details will be prefilled, making it quick and easy to only update the necessary information and submit the form.

The add-on allows you to track the “Status” of invitations, allowing you to reach out to anyone that still needs to confirm or update their information.

Custom Forms Invitation Add-on

For more information, visit our knowledge base: Custom Form Invitation Add-On

2. Import Templates  

The Import Templates feature allows you to update user profiles in bulk using a spreadsheet. If you want to update details for a number of clients or employees at once, this feature will speed up the process. 

To use this feature, go to Students > Import Students or Employees > Import Employees to download the relevant template. Once you’ve added in all the relevant data, you can choose one of the update options under “Upload Action” when uploading the spreadsheet to your Teachworks account.

Import Templates - Update Options

For more information and instructions on how to complete the template, visit our knowledge base: Updating Records Using Import Templates

3. Notification Logs

The Notifications page (Account & Settings > Notification Logs) allows you to see if any of your emails are being dropped due to an email address being incorrect. If this is the case, you can easily follow up with your customer or employee to correct the information on their profile.

On the Notifications page, you can select “Dropped” under the “All Results” filter to only see the relevant records. 

Dropped Email Status

If you hover over the red dropped status, you’ll be able to see more information.

Dropped email - reason

4. Lesson Flags Add-on (Client Information)

The Lesson Flags Add-On allows tutors to flag unusual or irregular lessons for attention from administrative staff. In some cases, a student might let their tutor know that they’ve moved, or that some of their details have changed (such as a mobile number or email address). Tutors can flag the lesson to notify administrative staff of these changes.

Email Flags

If you’ve enabled the Lesson Flags Add-on, you can set it up to send a notification to the company email address if a lesson is flagged. Additionally, you can add a widget to the dashboard to see flags as soon as you login to your Teachworks account. 

Flagged lesson widget

5. Follow Up Add-on (Client Information)

The Follow Up Add-on is a simple add-on that allows you to add a follow up date and note to student or family records. If you’ve been notified by a client that their details will be changing soon, this feature offers a useful way to remember to follow up at a later date.

follow-up add-on

For more information, visit our knowledge base: Follow Up Add-on  

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