Everything You Need To Know About Tutor Availability

Tutor Availability

Teachworks offers an easy-to-use availability feature as well as an option to record unavailability on an ad-hoc basis. This article will include everything you need to know about adding, editing and viewing tutor availability as well as how it affects different administrative processes.

Adding & Editing Availability

If you’ve enabled user accounts for your tutors, they can set general availability (times when they are typically available) directly on their profiles. Availability can also be recorded on tutor profiles by an administrator.

  1. Edit the profile and scroll to the “Availability” section
  2. Click the “Add Row” link and complete the fields 
  3. Repeat the process for each day that the tutor is available
  4. Save your changes 

Editing availability follows the same process. In addition to making changes to existing rows, you can also remove availability by clicking the “remove” link, or add additional rows as needed.

Adding & Editing Unavailability

For one-off days or time slots, tutors or administrators can add unavailability directly to the calendar. This feature is generally used when tutors are away during their normally available times. 

To add unavailability, go to Calendar > Add Unavailability and complete the fields as needed. 

Unavailability can be edited/deleted directly in the calendar by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the main calendar, set it to the “Day” or “Week” view and navigate to the correct date.
  2. Filter the calendar by Employee.
  3. Availability will be greyed out and you can click on it to see the “Edit” or “Delete” options.
Unavailability calendar screenshot

Viewing Availability

Availability can be viewed directly on tutor profiles. The main calendar can also be filtered to see a tutor’s unavailable times visually.

In addition, unavailable times can easily be tracked in the Teacher Calendar’s Day View. The teacher calendar makes it easy to click and drag lessons between tutors to make sure students still have lessons when their regular tutor can’t make it.

Checking Conflicts 

When scheduling lessons in Teachworks, you can use the conflict checker to see if there are any scheduling conflicts including tutors being unavailable. By default, checking is done manually by clicking the “Check Conflicts” button on the schedule form. 

However, you can use our Conflict Validator Add-on to automate the process. You can customize settings for each type of user (Clients, Tutors, Administrators).

  • Tutors & Administrators: Options to disable automatic conflict checking, prevent scheduling or allow an override.
  • Clients: Options to disable automatic conflict checking when requesting lessons, or prevent scheduling.
Conflict Validator Add-on

Add-ons & Integrations

Teachworks offers more than 55 free integrations & add-ons that you can use to optimize your account. Many of these features work with tutor availability to speed up processes or improve user experience. This section will look at these features in more detail.

  • Website Booking Plugin: The Website Booking Plugin’s “Book a Lesson” option displays available time slots for each tutor. If a tutor is unavailable, these time slots don’t appear on the plugin and ensures that students don’t accidentally schedule lessons when a tutor is unavailable. 
  • Lesson Requests Add-on: This add-on allows clients to request lessons from their Teachworks account. They can use the conflict checker to see if their preferred tutor is available before submitting their request. You can also use the Conflict Validator Add-on to prevent clients from requesting lessons when the selected tutor is not available.
  • Website Profiles Add-on: This add-on allows you to display tutor profiles on your website in a list or grid format. The add-on allows you to include tutor availability as well to give prospective students an idea of when their favourite tutors will typically be available.
  • Custom Forms Add & Custom Form Invitations Add-on: These add-ons allow you to build custom forms that students and employees can complete to create profiles and update profiles in Teachworks. If you’re building an employee form, you can add an “Availability” field to the form to allow your tutors to add and update their availability.

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