Streamline Internal Communication with Lesson Flags!

Streamlining team communication can play a large part in growing your business efficiently. As busy tutoring companies have many students on the go, keeping track of lessons that need to be addressed by an administrator can be tricky to stay on top of.

Teachworks’ Lesson Flags Add-on is a great solution to improve internal communication between you and your team when there are lessons that need administrator attention. With this simple but useful feature, teachers can notify you of any uncommon lessons so you can access and resolve them immediately. Continue reading to learn more about Lesson Flags!

What are Teachworks’ Lesson Flags?

The Lesson Flags Add-on is a practical tool that allows teachers to flag specific lessons for administrators to take action. It’s great for situations where circumstances affect customer invoicing, such as if the lesson exceeded it’s allotted time, or if it was cut short and needs to be made up in the future. 

This ensures that everyone’s on the same page without any information or concerns lost along the way. 

Benefits of Lesson Flags 

Lesson flags ultimately help to improve team communication, but have direct advantages on your day to day business. Below are two of the benefits of the Lesson Flags Add-on!   

1. Quickly resolve lesson issues

When a teacher flags a lesson, you or your admin staff will be notified as soon as they complete it. 

You can choose to be alerted by having an email sent to your company address, or have it displayed as a widget on your dashboard. Once you’ve been notified, you can quickly navigate to the lesson in your Teachworks account and address any issues. This immediate communication is particularly helpful for urgent situations that need to be resolved in a timely manner. 

2. Increase team efficiency

Lesson Flags help to streamline communication between you and your team about atypical lessons. Because the process of flagging a lesson is so straightforward and standardized, teachers know exactly how to reach out to you when they have a concern. 

Even if you have a large number of students, Lesson Flags can help you stay organized so you can quickly review and prioritize any lessons that teachers bring to your attention. 

Using Lesson Flags in Teachworks

Getting started with the Lesson Flags Add-on requires just a few easy steps. Once enabled, teachers can immediately start taking advantage, and keep administrators in the loop at all times. 

Enabling Lesson Flags: 

To enable this feature, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to your Account & Settings 
  2. Select Integrations & Add-ons
  3. Find the Lesson Flags Add-on 
  4. Press “Enable.”

Once enabled, teachers have the option to flag lessons and leave comments upon the completion of their lesson.

Flagging a Lesson: 

If there’s a lesson that requires an admin’s attention, teachers can check the box beside “Flag Lesson” when completing a lesson. This will open a comment box where they can add any notes regarding why the lesson was flagged. Once submitted, administrators will be notified about the lesson. 

Additionally, each flagged lesson and corresponding comments are time stamped to help keep your records up to date. 

Viewing Lesson Flags: 

There are a few ways to view which lessons have been flagged within Teachworks. 

  1. Email Notifications 

You can enable email notifications within the “Manage” section of the Lesson Flags Add-on. When a lesson is flagged, an email will automatically go to your company email address and displays the lesson details and flagged comments. 

  1. Dashboard Widget

Once you’ve enabled the add-on, a widget is automatically added to your dashboard. Each time you log in, you can easily see any flagged lessons. From the widget you can either view the lesson, or confirm & hide it if there is no further action needed. By confirming & hiding lesson flags, you can easily keep track of the issues that still need to be taken care of.

  1. Lesson History Table 

For a larger snapshot of lesson flags within a specified time period, you can use the Lesson History table. 

To access this table, simply go to Calendar > Lesson History > set your preferred date range > select your lesson parameters (confirmed, unconfirmed, or both) > press “Go. 

  1. Lesson Summary Report 

A comprehensive way to view all flagged lessons and their comments is through the Lesson Summary Report.

You can search by either “Lessons” or “Lessons by Student”, then select the date, filters, format, and grouping parameters you’d like. Within the “Column” section, choose “Flagged” and/or “Flagged Comments” to view the lessons that have been marked for your attention.


When running a busy tutoring company, it’s important to have internal communication processes in place to keep you and your team organized. With Teachworks’ Lesson Flags Add-on, you can easily be notified if a teacher marks a lesson as irregular, allowing you to resolve any pressing issues within a timely manner. 

If you’d like to streamline your team’s communication, try Teachworks’ tutor management software today for free! 

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