More Stripe Payment Options & Other New Updates!

More Stripe Payment Options & Other New Updates!

We’re constantly evolving to ensure our platform aligns with our users’ needs. Here’s a quick rundown of our recent updates.

Stripe Updates

  • We have added a PayNow option for Stripe Payments for Singapore-based companies. PayNow allows customers to make a payment using their preferred app from participating banks and participating non-bank financial institutions. For more information, visit our knowledge base: Stripe PayNow Payments
  • Additionally, we have added Przelewy24 to Stripe payment methods for Polish Based companies. This Poland-based payment method allows customers to complete transactions online using bank transfers and other methods. Learn more here: Stripe Przelewy24 Payments

Lesson Summaries Report Updates

  • In the “Columns” filter for the Lesson Summaries report, we’ve introduced options for Location ID and Service ID.
  • An issue was resolved in the Lesson Summaries Excel export within the Chrome browser. It was causing certain text columns to be mistakenly recognized as dates in Excel.
  • We have updated the CSV export feature for the Lesson Summaries report to prevent commas that are in fields from creating an additional cell in a row.

Other Updates & Enhancements

  • The Location Calendar now includes the parent location in sub-location names for improved display.
  • We have fixed the validation on independent student profiles so that enabling SMS reminders requires a mobile phone number.
  • We have updated the “Lesson Completed” trigger in Zapier to include lesson flag details and the Teachworks API in the lesson object.
  • An issue on the Add Family form has been resolved. Custom profile fields will now properly re-render even if the form experiences a validation error.
  • We have added a “Flagged” tag for lessons that appears on student profiles that have been flagged. Clicking the title of the lesson will display the lesson details including the flagged comments.
  • An issue concerning Teachworks Subscription invoices has been fixed. The system will now display all line items instead of limiting to the first 10.
  • Family profiles have been updated to ensure correct display of line breaks in the “Additional Notes” field.

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