The Teachworks Employees Tab: Time-savers For Your Tutoring Business

The Teachworks Employees Tab: Time-savers For Your Tutoring Business

The Employees tab in your Teachworks account is where you will find all the information and features related to your employees. When you enable employee related add-ons, the drop down menu and related pages will expand with even more options.

Employees Tab Dropdown

In this article, we’ll look at the various pages listed under the Employees tab as well as all the time-savers you can find on the respective pages.

1. Employee List

The Employee List page displays a table with high level information about all of the employees added in your account. To quickly find relevant employees, you can click the column titles to sort the table by First Name, Last Name, Email Address, City, State, Zip and Type (Staff/Teacher). You can easily toggle between profile statuses (Active, Prospective, Inactive or All) to see only the records you need.

In addition, the Employee List page features the time-savers below:

  • You can use the checkboxes to the far left of the table to select employees in bulk to update their profile statuses.
  • You can click the “Download Employees” link in the sidebar to download all the data captured on employee profiles to Excel. 
  • You can use the “Advanced Search” function to filter employees by Subject or Location. This is very useful for matching new students with suitable teachers.

To view an individual employee’s profile, click on their name. To edit their profile, click the “Edit” icon (pencil icon) in the relevant employee’s row.

2. Employee Hours

This page displays a table with high level information about employee hours. It has columns for the number of events, hours, earnings and payments for a period of time. At the top of the table, you can adjust the date range, toggle between paid/unpaid lessons and select specific lesson statuses to see only relevant records.

You can click the “Download Hours” link in the sidebar to download an Excel file that contains all the information you need related to employee hours & earnings for each of the employees that match your selected filters. This file can be used with your preferred payroll software. 

Related Add-ons: Bulk Wage Payments

When you enable the Bulk Wage Payments Add-on, a “Bulk Payments” link is added in the sidebar of the Employee Hours page. This add-on allows you to process wage payments for all teachers at once for more efficient payroll processing.

Bulk Employee Payments

3. Employee Payments

The Employee Payments page features a table with information related to employee payments for a particular time period. All the columns on this page can be sorted for easy searching and they include: the payment date, employee name, description and amount. 

In the sidebar you’ll find the following options:

  • A “Download Payments” link that will download all payments within the selected period. The download contains detailed information about each payment.
  • A “Record Payment” option that allows you to easily record single payments.
  • If you’ve enabled the Bulk Wage Payments Add-on, the “Bulk Payments” link will appear on this page as well.

4. Add Employee

This menu item will take you directly to the “New Employee” page where you can add a new employee profile. When adding a new employee there are a number of different sections such as Contact Information, About (tutor bio), Availability, Employment details and much more. 

At the bottom of the page, you will find a “User Account” section where you can enable a user account. Once you’ve selected the checkbox, a number of permission settings will appear that you can customize as needed. Permissions will depend on the type of employee profile you’re adding. Staff accounts have more options since these accounts typically deal with more administrative tasks than teaching employees.

Employee Permission Settings

Related Add-ons:

There are a number of add-ons that you can enable that will extend the fields and features on employee profiles when editing and viewing them. This includes:

  • Custom Fields Add-on: This add-on allows you to add custom fields to employee profiles to collect important information. It supports a wide range of field types such as radio buttons, select menus and more. 
  • Tax/Payroll Identification Numbers Add-on: This add-on allows you to store tax or payroll identification numbers on employee profiles. These can be included in payslip emails or teacher invoices.
  • Teacher Location Links Add-on: This add-on will add a field to tutor profiles where you can add a link to their online meeting spaces. If your company uses Zoom for example, you can add their dedicated link in this field. When lessons are scheduled, students will be able to click the link from their calendar or lesson reminder email to launch their lessons.
  • Profile Attachments Add-on: This add-on allows you to attach files to employee profiles. It’s useful for things like contracts and templates.
  • Shared Profile Resources Add-on: This add-on won’t add an editable field to individual employee profiles, but it will still be visible on employee profiles when they view it. The add-on allows you to share useful links and information on all employee profiles at once.
  • SMS Lesson Reminders Add-on: This add-on will add a checkbox to employee profiles to enable SMS reminders.
  • Calendar Feeds Add-on: This add-on will add a calendar feed link on employee profiles that they can use with different calendar programs.

5. Import Employees

This menu item will take you to the Upload Teachers/Staff Members page where you can download templates to upload tutors and staff in bulk. 

This page offers huge time savings for companies switching to Teachworks and needing to get employees onboarded as soon as possible as well as companies needing to update tutor profiles in bulk.

Importing Employees - teacher upload

6. Additional Add-ons

The following add-ons will add additional options to the Employees tab:

Task Manager Add-on: The Task Manager Add-on makes it easy to add, assign and track tasks. You can set a due date, priority, add a description and notify employees of new tasks. You can easily update the status of tasks to make sure everyone’s on the same page. If you edit a task with more information, you can send a new email to keep everyone updated. Learn more: Task Manager Add-on

Tasks Add-on - adding a new task

Teacher Invoices Add-on: This add-on allows teachers to generate invoices for their work. It’s intended for companies that are located in an area where teachers are independent contractors and are required to invoice your company. Learn more: Teacher Invoices Add-on

Create a Teacher Invoice

That’s a wrap on the Employees Tab! We also have an article explaining the calendar tab in more detail. Learn more here: The Teachworks Calendar Tab Explained

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