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Good tutor scheduling software is essential for your education business, especially if your business is growing rapidly. A powerful tutoring business scheduling system will help you stay organized and will ensure that wages and lesson costs are always accurate. Teachworks offers various calendar views and the calendar tab is filled with hidden gems that you might not know about. The calendar tab consists of the following:

1. Main Calendar

If tutor scheduling is part of your job description, you will be spending a lot of time in the main calendar. This calendar allows you to toggle between day, week and month views to quickly see all upcoming lessons with a simple glance. The calendar can be filtered by employee, location, service, student or family if you’re looking for specific information.

You can add lessons directly on the calendar by clicking on a time slot. Teachworks will ask you if you would like to add a lesson and you will immediately be directed to the “Schedule Lesson” form. If you want to complete lessons or update lessons, you can easily do so on the main calendar by clicking on the lesson and selecting the relevant option. If you want to move a lesson to a new time slot, simply click on it and drag it to a new time slot.

Calendar events can be colour-coded, allowing you to work more efficiently. You can colour-code events by student, teacher, or location. Colour preferences can be set in your account settings.

2. Teacher Calendar

The teacher calendar displays a list of all active teachers with their scheduled lessons for the day or week in calendar form. Unavailabilities are greyed out, making it much easier to find open spots. Lessons can be scheduled directly on the teacher calendar, by clicking on an open time slot next to the relevant teacher (greyed out blocks are not clickable). The selected teacher will already be entered on the add lesson form, allowing you to work faster. If you want to quickly assign a new teacher to a lesson, you can go to the teacher calendar, click on the relevant lesson and drag it to a new teacher.

3. Location Calendar

If you offer lessons at various locations, you will be able to view scheduled lessons by location in this calendar view. Quickly and easily update the location of a lesson by clicking and dragging on the lesson and moving it to another location. You can also add new lessons in the location calendar by clicking on a time slot. The location will already be selected when you add the lesson.

4. Calendar List view

If you like to view upcoming lessons in a list format, the calendar list view is a great solution. This calendar view offers all the same filters as the main calendar and also allows you to set a specific date range. If you want to give your employees or customers hard copies of their upcoming lessons, simply set the appropriate filters click on print.

5. Add Lessons

Clicking on this option will allow you to add lessons right away.

6. Add Other Events

If you want to add non teaching events, you can click on this option. You can make these events visible to everyone (including all students, families and employees), all students and families, all employees, or a single employee. These events are not added to your usage plan.

7. Add Unavailability

An employee’s general availability can be set directly on their profile under the availability section. For times when the employee is unavailable (for a doctor’s appointment for example) during their normal available times, you can use this feature to add a separate unavailability.

8. Lesson History

The lesson history table shows you lesson information for all students during a selected time frame. You can click on the lesson name for more information on the lesson (such as wages, lesson costs, discounts, premiums and the selected student’s billing method).

9. Lesson History by Student

This section allows you to see lesson information for students by name. If you’re looking for specific information about a lesson for a specific student, you can type their name in the search bar. You can easily see lesson statuses, assigned teachers and invoices assigned to lessons on the Lesson History by Student table.

If you’re looking for lessons with no student associated to them or uninvoiced lessons, you can easily find that information here. If you are looking for uninvoiced lessons, remember to keep the student’s billing method in mind. If you charge a flat fee or package, the lessons will not be associated to an invoice.  

10. Other Event History

If you’ve scheduled non-teaching events, you will be able to view them in list form by clicking on “Other Event History”. To find more information about each event, simply click on the event name.

Note: If you have add-ons enabled that use the calendar (such as lesson requests or lesson bookings) you will be able to find them in the calendar tab.

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