Customize Teachworks Profiles With The Custom Profile Fields Add-on

Customize Teachworks Profiles With The Custom Profile Fields Add-on

Teachworks profiles offer standard fields to capture essential information such as contact details and billing preferences for clients and employees. However, with the Custom Profile Fields Add-on, you can expand your profiles by adding as many fields as you need to store additional information.

In this article, we’ll look at the Custom Profile Fields Add-on in more detail. We’ll also look at some related add-ons.

Enabling & Using The Custom Profile Fields Add-on

To get started, navigate to the Integrations & Add-ons page in your Teachworks account and enable the Custom Profile Fields Add-on. Once it’s enabled, click on the “Add New” link to start adding custom fields.

On the “Add Custom Field” page, you’ll see several options to customize your field, including:

  • Profile Type: This lets you choose which profile the field will be added to – Customer, Student or Employee.
  • Field Label: Here you can give your custom field a name. Make sure to make it as descriptive as possible to avoid any confusion when data is being captured.
  • Input Type: The type of custom field that you’d like to add. Teachworks supports a number of custom field types, including: Text Field, Text Box, Date Field, Select Menu, Multiple Select Menu, Checkbox and Radio Buttons.
  • Hide from Teacher Accounts checkbox: If you need to hide a particular field from teacher accounts, you can enable this option.

If you’re happy with your settings, click “Save” or “Save & Add Another” if you would like to add multiple fields. Once you’ve added several custom fields, you’ll be able to set the order in which you would like them to appear on profiles.

Teachworks Profiles - Rearranging Custom Fields

When adding or editing a profile, custom fields will appear under the “Additional Details” section of the profile.

Need more help expanding your Teachworks profiles with custom fields? Visit our Knowledge Base for detailed steps: Custom Profile Fields Add-on

Related Add-ons

Custom Forms Add-on & Custom Form Invitations Add-on

The Custom Forms Add-on allows you to create custom forms to collect new client, student and employee information. These forms can be added as links or buttons on your website, or you can embed it in an iframe. The Custom Form Invitations Add-on allows existing clients and employees to update their profiles through a custom form.

All custom fields added through the Custom Profile Fields Add-on are available to add to custom forms. 

Import Custom Profile Field Values Add-on

With this add-on, you can easily update custom fields using an Excel template. Instead of manually entering each field, you can simply populate the template with the new information and upload it directly into Teachworks. This is especially useful if you have a large number of fields that need to be updated or if you’re switching to Teachworks from another system. Learn more here: Import Custom Profile Field Values Add-on

Teachworks API

The Teachworks API allows you to build custom integrations to interact with data from your Teachworks account. There are “Set Custom Field Values” endpoints for both Customers and Students. If you’re using external software with data related to customers and students, you can use the Teachworks API to connect the two programs and add this data to custom profile fields in Teachworks.

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