Exploring Teachworks’ Lesson Summary Report: Custom Columns

Lesson Summary Report - Custom Columns

Teachworks offers a wealth of features and tools to help your tutoring company save time. One such feature is the Lesson Summary report, which can be found under the Reports tab. The Lesson Summary Report is a versatile report that can provide you with insights about lessons. You can see where your revenue is coming from, what services are most popular, which customers schedule the most lessons and much, much more.

The report allows you to include a myriad of columns. In this article, we’ll look at these columns in more detail.

A Note About Data Types

Some of the available columns will differ based on the data type you select. “Lessons by Student” will display lesson details with information related to the students in a lesson (such as costs, notes etc). The “Lessons” data type will display top level information about lessons (such as fees, wages, profit). We’ll look at the columns associated with each of these data types in the sections below.

1. General Columns 

The following columns are displayed for both reports.

  • Day – The day of the week
  • End Date – The date on which the lesson ends
  • Start Time – The start time of the lesson
  • End Time – The end time of the lesson
  • Teacher – The teacher assigned to the lesson
  • Teacher Email – The email address on the assigned teacher’s profile
  • Teacher Mobile Phone – The mobile number on the assigned teacher’s profile
  • Service – The service assigned to the lesson
  • Location – The location assigned to the lesson
  • Wage Paid – A Yes/No value to indicate if the lesson wage has been paid or not
  • Status – The status of the lesson (includes custom statuses)
  • Description – The description associated with the lesson if one was added
  • Flagged –  If the Lesson Flags Add-on is enabled and a lesson has been flagged, this will indicate “Yes” for flagged lessons.
  • Flagged Comments – If a lesson has been flagged and has comments, this column will display the comments.
  • Duration in Minutes – The duration of the lesson in minutes.
  • Duration in Hours – The duration of the lesson in hours.

2. Data Type: Lessons by Students

  • Cost – The lesson cost associated with the lesson for a particular student.  
  • Cost Premium Included – If a student has a cost premium assigned on their profile, the premium will appear in this column. Learn more: Cost & Wage Premiums
  • Discount – Any discount applied to a student’s lesson will appear in this column.
  • Customer – If lessons are associated with child students, this column will show the family. For independent students, their name will appear.
  • Customer Email – The email address recorded on the family/independent student profile.
  • Customer Mobile Phone – The mobile number recorded on the family/independent student profile.
  • Customer City – The city captured on the family/independent student profile.
  • Customer State – The state captured on the family/independent student profile.
  • Customer Postal Code – The postal code captured on the family/independent student profile.
  • Student – The student assigned to the lesson (Child Student/Independent Student).
  • Student Email – The email address captured on the child student/independent student profile.
  • Student Mobile Phone – The mobile number that appears on the child student/independent student profile.
  • School – The school recorded on a student’s profile.
  • Grade Level – The grade recorded on a student’s profile.
  • Student Billing Method – The billing method selected on a child student/independent student profile (Package, Service List Cost, Student Cost, Flat Fee) 
  • Private Notes – Private notes recorded for lessons
  • Shared Notes – Shared notes recorded for lessons
  • Notes Last Sent – When the shared notes were last sent to the assigned student/family

3. Data Type: Lessons

  • Wage – The wage associated with the lesson.
  • Wage Premium Included – Any wage premiums set on student profiles that are applied to lessons will be displayed here.
  • Revenue – Revenue for the lesson (this does not take payments into account).
  • Profit – Revenue for lessons minus tutor wages.
  • Margin – The difference between lesson revenue and teacher earnings expressed as a percentage. 
  • Student Count – The number of students in a class.

If you need to generate a particular report often, you can save its settings by selecting the “Save Settings” checkbox and providing a title. This will allow you to reuse the settings by selecting the “Used Saved Settings” option from the menu, and choosing the report you previously saved. The saved settings will be pre-populated, and you can simply modify the date to reflect the new time period you wish to report on.

Lesson Summary Report - Save Settings

Learn more about this feature on the Teachworks Knowledge Base.

The Lesson Summary report is a valuable tool for tutoring companies to display information related to lessons in a list format. With customizable fields, filters, and grouping options, you can generate a report that meets your specific needs. And by saving your report settings, you can quickly and easily generate the same report in the future. 

In addition to providing you with key business metrics, the report can also be used to improve internal/external communication and efficiency. This article looks the options in more detail.

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