Customer Cancellation Add-On Updates & Rebooking Options

Customer Cancellation Add-On Updates & Rebooking Options

The Customer Cancellations Add-on makes it possible for your customers to cancel their future lessons from the Teachworks calendar or from Lesson Reminder emails. The add-on is a great time saver for both customers and staff. Customers have a quick self-serve option to cancel their lessons any time of the day, and staff don’t have to deal with many cancellation calls and emails. 

As with all of our features, we’re always adding improvements to make features more useful. In this article, we’ll provide a quick summary of the latest additions to the Customer Cancellations Add-on. We’ll also look at some tools that your customers can use to rebook their lessons.

Latest Customer Cancellation Add-on Updates

  • We have added additional “Cut-off time” options to the add-on. The additional options are: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 days.
Customer Cancellation Add-On Cutoff Time Rules
  • We’ve added another “Success Message” field to the Customer Cancellation Add-on that is used when lessons are cancelled after the specified Cut-Off time. 
  • We have updated the message that appears when accessing the cancellation form from the link in the Lesson Reminder email for a lesson that has been deleted.
  • We have added a “Comments” column to the Customer Cancellations table to allow you to easily review reasons for cancellations at a glance if you’ve enabled this option.
Customer Cancellation Add-On - Comments
  • We have fixed the message that is displayed when clicking a “Cancel” link when the Customer Cancellations Add-on has been disabled.
  • We have updated the way open classes work when a customer cancels for a student in the group class. Now, only that particular student’s lesson status is set to “Cancelled”. This allows other students to still enroll in the class.
  • We have added the ability to download the Customer Cancellations table to an Excel file. To do this, head over to the Customer Cancellations table and click the “Download Cancellations” link in the sidebar. 

Tools For Rebooking Cancelled Lessons

Cancelling lessons is one part of the process, but to encourage repeat business, you may also want to provide easy methods for rebooking lessons. Teachworks currently offers two features to manage this process:

1. Lesson Requests Add-on: This add-on allows your customers to request new lessons through their Teachworks account. Administrators and teachers (depending on permissions) can accept, modify or decline these requests. Learn more here: Lesson Requests Add-on

2. Website Booking Plugin: This add-on allows you to add a booking button directly to your website that your customers can click to book new lessons. These lessons are added to the calendar automatically, making it a good choice if you don’t want to review new time slots first. Learn more here: Website Booking Plugin

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