New Add-on: Quick Package Purchasing For Your Clients

Package Purchases Add-on

Package billing is a popular choice for tutoring companies. Teachworks fully supports package billing and offers many time-savers to make it quick and painless to use this billing method with your clients. 

We have recently added the Package Purchases Add-on that allows your clients to top up their packages right from their Low Package Balance Alert email. Payment is handled through Stripe safely and securely. In this article, we’ll explore this new add-on in more detail.

Setting Up

To use the feature, you will need to enable the Stripe Integration and Package Balance Alerts Add-on first. You can then enable the Package Purchases Add-on and click the “Manage” link to configure your settings.

Settings include:

  • Link Text: this is the text that will display as a link in Package Balance Alert emails (in other words the link that clients will need to click to go to the package purchasing page.
  • Minimum Package Size: When purchasing a package, a client’s previous package settings will be used. For example, if they previously purchased a package of 10 lessons, the same will be used for their new package. In some cases however, you may have added a smaller package to their balance for a variety of reasons (such as 1 or 2 lessons). To allow them to buy a bigger package on their own, you can specify a minimum package size.
  • Pricing Method: This field allows you to set the price of the new package using either the billing settings on a student’s profile, or the price from their last package.
  • Tax Method: Here you can specify the tax method that will be used. This can be a fixed setting, or you can use whichever method was used for a client’s last package.
  • Tax Treatment: If you choose a fixed setting for the tax method, you will be able to choose the tax treatment here (Tax exclusive, tax exempt or tax inclusive).
  • Sales Tax: Here you can set the sales tax rate for package invoices.
  • Success Message: In this field, you can enter a message that will be displayed when a purchase is made successfully. If you would like to provide clients with next steps, this is a good spot to do it.
  • Failed Message: If a payment has failed, this message will be displayed. It’s a good spot to provide clients with contact information or next steps for completing their purchase.
  • Email Payment Receipt to Client: If you would like to send an email to clients with a payment receipt, you can enable this option.

The last step is to make sure that you add the {PURCHASE-LINK} merge tag to the Package Balance Alerts email template. If you’ve set the “Link Text” to “Top Up My Package” for example, the email will look like this:

Package Purchase Link In Email

Purchasing a Package 

Now that you’ve selected settings and added the {PURCHASE-LINK} merge tag to Package Balance Alerts, your work is done. This section will provide a bit more information about what the process looks like from a client’s perspective.

  1. The client’s package balance falls below the specified number of lessons and a Low Package Balance Notification is sent to them.
  2. The notification contains a link that they can click to navigate to the purchase page. The page displays their package details, a billing summary, and credit card fields (the payment section is handled securely through Stripe).
  3. Once they have verified the information and entered their credit card information, they can click the “Buy Package” button to complete the purchase.
  4. If the payment is successful, they will see the success message that you’ve entered. If the payment fails, they will see the failed message text you’ve entered.
Package Purchases Add-on: Purchase Page

More Package Features

Teachworks’ Package Billing method is very flexible. It allows you to:

  • Track packages by lesson or by hour
  • Track packages by family or by student
  • Choose how “missed” lessons/hours are handled – are they deducted from package balances or not?
  • Archive packages if you would like clients to use their lessons within a particular time frame (or if you want to clean up the package balances table)
  • Easily track package usage in the Package Balances table

In addition to the Package Balance Alerts Add-on and Purchase Packages Add-on, we also have a Package Balance Validation Add-on. This add-on applies validation when scheduling lessons to warn of or prevent scheduling more lessons than a student has in their package balance.

Learn more about our package features here: Flexible Billing – The Package Billing Method

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