The Calendar Lock Add-on: New Improved Settings

The Calendar Lock Add-on: New Improved Settings

Mistakes happen, and sometimes staff or teachers may accidentally edit or delete lessons that have already been completed, invoiced, or included in payroll calculations. This can cause a lot of confusion with invoices being flagged, lessons disappearing from the calendar, and employee earnings being calculated incorrectly.

To save administrators time and prevent these errors from occurring, we’ve added the Calendar Lock Add-on. The add-on makes it possible to prevent lessons and non-teaching events from being added, edited, or deleted on or before a specific date.

We have added some new lock methods that we’ll look at in more detail below.

Enabling The Calendar Lock Add-on & Choosing Settings

To enable the add-on, you can go to the Integrations & Add-ons page in your Teachworks account. Once enabled, click the “Settings” link to customize your settings. 

The following settings can be customized:

1. Lock Method

Depending on your selection here, additional settings will appear on the page. 

Fixed Date: Allows you to lock calendar events using a specific date. If this option is selected, you’ll be able to choose a specific “Lock Date”.

Trailing Date: Allows you to lock the calendar on a date relative to the current date. If this option is selected a “Lock Date Offset” field will appear. You can choose between 1-10 days, 14 days, 21 days and 28 days.

Trailing Weekday [NEW]: Allows you to lock the calendar on or before the most recently ended day of the week selected. If you set the “Trailing Weekday” to “Friday” for example, the lock will be applied to the most recently passed Friday and any days prior to that. In other words, if it’s Wednesday today, the lock will be applied to last Friday and not the upcoming Friday.

Calendar Lock Add-on: Trailing Options

Trailing Month End [NEW]: Allows you to lock the calendar on the last day of the previous month. If this option is selected, you can also set a delay. The delay will allow you to wait x number of days after the end of the month before locking the month in the calendar.

2. Enable Lock Override

This setting makes it possible for administrators and/or staff to edit calendar events even when the calendar lock is in effect. You can choose to enable the option for the Company Admin, Administrative staff or both.

Calendar Lock Add-on: Lock Override

What Happens When The Calendar Is Locked

After you’ve selected your preferred lock method, any lessons or events that occur on or before the date will not display the Edit, Complete or Delete options in the pop-up when clicking an event in the calendar. A lock icon will appear in the upper right corner to indicate that the event is locked.

Calendar Lock Add-on: Calendar View

You will also see a lock icon in the Lesson History and Lesson History by Student tables as opposed to the normal check box.

Calendar Lock Add-on: Lesson History

Visit our Knowledge Base for more information: Calendar Lock Add-on

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