New Invoicing Features & Enhancements

New Invoicing Features & Enhancements

Teachworks’ core features include flexible invoicing that can accommodate just about any billing structure. We’re always expanding our list of features and implementing improvements to ensure that our clients can bill their customers easily and efficiently.

We’ve recently added a number of new invoicing features and enhancements that we’ll cover in the sections below.

Add-on Updates & New Features

New Limited Access Feature: Company Address Customization

We have added a limited access feature that will allow for manually setting the Company Address while creating invoices.  If you would like this feature enabled, please send our support team an email.

We’ve also added this functionality for Teacher Invoices created through the Teacher Invoices Add-on.

Invoice Updates: Custom Company Address

Invoice Autopilot Add-on

We’ve added an option to the Invoice Autopilot Add-on that will include any uninvoiced lessons from the previous period on the current invoice when it’s enabled. This feature eliminates the need to create a catchup schedule.

General Enhancements

  • For external invoices viewed by your customers, we’ve added a link to allocated credit notes to make it possible for them to view it.
  • We’ve added an Invoice Charges table that can be accessed by clicking the “Invoice Charges” link in the sidebar of the Invoices page.  This table displays a list of all the charges added to invoices.
  • We have added a setting to the “Invoice Settings” section in the Account Settings page that allows you to hide the unit price column from client invoices.
  • We’ve added a “Custom Invoice Address” field to the “Invoice Settings” section in the Account Settings page. The information entered in this field will override the default address that appears on invoices.
  • We have updated the invoice and credit note terminology used to be consistent between company and client accounts.
  • We’ve added period start and end merge tags for invoice emails.

If you’re not currently using Teachworks, but you’re looking for a tutor management software solution to streamline and automate important tasks like billing, you may want to consider signing up for our free 3-week trial. 

For more information about about our various invoicing features, visit our website: Efficient, Rule-Based Billing

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