Easy Online Lessons With Teacher Location Links

Easy Online Lessons With Teacher Location Links

If your tutors offer online tutoring lessons and they have a static link to their online meeting spaces, the Teacher Location Links Add-on is a great time saver. 

This add-on allows you to create a single general location, such as “Zoom Meeting Room”, and uses links set on tutor profiles to display a clickable link in the calendar and Lesson Reminder emails. It helps to keep your Location list clean and makes the joining process easy for tutors and students prior to lessons.

The add-on can be enabled on the Integrations & Add-ons page in your Teachworks account. Once enabled, you can click the “Manage” link to customize the settings.

Setting Up For Online Lessons

You can get started with this add-on in 2 easy steps. First, customize your settings and then add links to teacher profiles.

1. Teacher Location Links Settings

The Teacher Location Links settings page has two settings that you can customize:

  • Display Name: When scheduling lessons, this name will appear when selecting a location for the lesson. If you have many locations, you may want to keep this as descriptive as possible to make it easy to find when scheduling lessons. If you’re using Zoom for example, you could set it to something like: “Zoom Meeting Room”.
  • Calendar Color: Lesson color if you are color-coding by location.
Teacher Location Links Settings for Online Lessons

2. Adding Links to Teacher Profiles

When the add-on is enabled, a “Teacher Location Link” section is added to teacher profiles. You can edit a teacher profile and scroll to this section to easily add the relevant link to the “Location Link URL” field (the URL needs to begin with http:// or https://).

Links on teacher profiles to launch online lessons

Using the Teacher Locations Add-on For Online Lessons

Now that you’re all set up, you’ll be able to select the teacher location from the drop down menu when scheduling lessons. 

Choosing Location for Online Lessons

If you’ve set the teacher location as the location for a lesson, the link that you’ve added to teacher profiles will be clickable from the calendar or Lesson Reminder emails sent to teachers and students. This clickable link makes it quick and easy to launch online spaces prior to lessons.

Launching online lessons from the calendar or lesson reminder emails

Teachworks’ Lessonspace Integration

Are you looking for software to conduct online lessons? Lessonspace is one of the few platforms that are optimized specifically for tutoring. It offers all the features you would need including audio, video, whiteboarding, file sharing and more. Teachworks is already fully integrated with Lessonspace and as soon as you link up your accounts, students and teachers will be able to launch their online lesson spaces right from their Teachworks calendar or Lesson Reminder email.

Learn more about our full integration here: Easy Online Tutoring With Lessonspace & Teachworks

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