Easy Invoicing: Allow Teachers To Invoice Your Company Through Teachworks

Easy Invoicing: Allow Teachers To Invoice Your Company Through Teachworks

If your teachers are independent contractors that are required to invoice your company for their services, our Teacher Invoices add-on will make your life a whole lot easier. 

In this article, we’ll explore the Teacher Invoices Add-on in more detail.

1. Customize Settings Based on Your Business Needs

The add-on offers a number of customizable settings that you can adjust based on your requirements. This includes:

  • Invoice Title: This field allows you to enter a title that will be displayed at the top of teacher invoices.
  • Number Prefix: If you would like to add a prefix to display before Teacher Invoice numbers, you can set that here.
  • Teacher Address Details: This field lists merge tags on the right that you can add to the field. When an invoice is created, the merge tag will be replaced with real data from the teacher’s profile. You can include the teachers first and last name, address, city, state and more.
  • Company Address Details: This field also lists merge tags on the right that you can add to the field. You can add things like the Company name, address, city, state and more.
  • Default Instructions: These display on the Teacher Invoice form by default. Instructions can easily be edited on the form for individual invoices as well.

Line Item Settings

These settings control the individual line items that appear on teacher invoices.

  • Lesson Statuses: This field controls which lessons appear on teacher invoices by status. You can leave the field blank to include all statuses.
  • Lesson Description: This field lists merge tags related to the lesson (such as start time, end time, service etc). Once the invoice is created, the merge tags will be replaced with the relevant lesson data.
  • Non-teaching Event Description: This field is similar to the one above, but is related to non-teaching events.

Sales Tax Settings

This section has an “Enable Sales Tax” checkbox. If you enable this option, the page will expand with the following fields:

  • Default Sales Tax Rate: This is the default sales tax rate that will be calculated on and added to the invoice subtotal. The rate can be edited manually when generating individual invoices.
  • Default Sales Tax Label: This is the label that will appear in the sales tax row. This can also be edited on individual invoices.

Notification Settings

This section contains a “Notify Company of New Invoice” checkbox. Enable this if you would like to send an email to the company email address when a new invoice is generated.

Record Settings

This section includes an “Exclude Paid Records” section that you can select to exclude payments that have already been allocated to a record.

Teacher Permissions

This section contains an “Allow Teachers to Create Invoices” checkbox. By default, only administrators can create invoices by default, but if you would like to allow teachers to generate them, you can enable this option.

2. Create Teacher Invoices & Record Payments

To create a new teacher invoice, go to Employees > Teacher Invoices. On this page, click the option to create a new invoice, then select the relevant teacher. You will then be taken to the “Create Teacher Invoice” page where you can complete all the fields and preview the invoice before creating it.

By default, teacher invoices can only be generated by administrators. However, if you’ve enabled the option for teachers to generate invoices, they can click the “Invoices” tab in their account to generate invoices as needed. 

Once an invoice has been created, a payment form will appear at the bottom of the invoice. You can adjust the date, enter a description and choose to email a pay slip to the teacher. Using this form to record a payment will also mark the lessons and other transactions that appear on the teacher invoice as “Paid” on the Hours & Earnings page for the teacher.

For more detailed steps on creating teacher invoices, visit our Knowledge Base: Teacher Invoices Add-on

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