Stay Organized With Automatic Credit Allocation

Stay Organized With Automatic Credit Allocation

If you regularly issue credit notes for clients, or record payments in advance, our Automatic Credit Allocation Add-on can help you stay on top of credits the easy way. 

The add-on allows you to automatically allocate payments and credit notes to approved invoices before they are sent to clients. If clients receive their invoice prior to credits being allocated, it may leave them confused, or they may pay the invoice before it reflects the accurate total. This add-on prevents these issues from happening and ensures everyone’s on the same page.

You can enable the Credit Allocation Add-on on the Integrations & Add-ons page. Once enabled, you can click the “Manage” link to customize your settings.

Automatic Payment & Credit Note Allocation Settings

The following settings can be customized based on your specific requirements:

  1. Start Date: By default this date will be set to the date the add-on is enabled. Depending on your requirements, you may need to adjust this date since it will determine which payments and credit notes will be allocated automatically.
  1. Trigger Method: Here you can choose how allocation is managed by the software. You can choose between Automatic, Manual or you can use a combination.
  • Automatic: When an invoice is created/updated with an “Approved” status, any unallocated credits and payments will be allocated automatically. 
  • Manual: This option gives you the ability to manually trigger the allocation process. It’s especially useful if you need to allocate payments or credits to invoices that have already been approved.
  • Both: This option will use the automatic method, but will also support the manual method.
Automatic Credit Allocation Add-on - Settings Page

Using the Add-On

Usage will differ slightly based on the trigger method you’ve selected.

Automatic: With this method enabled, credits will be allocated automatically when the status of an invoice is set to “Approved” – this can be new invoices, or previously saved invoices that have been updated. Automatic allocation is handled before an invoice email is sent to your client. Their invoice will include the updated invoice total.

Manual or Both: When either of these options are selected, an “Auto Allocation” option will be visible in the sidebar on the invoices and payments tables. Clicking on this link will direct you to a page where you can enter a “Start Date”. Payments and credit notes with dates on or after this date will be allocated in bulk. The field can be left blank if you would like to allocate any date.

Automatic Credit Allocation Add-on - Auto Allocation in Sidebar

For more information about this new time-saver, visit our knowledge base: Automatic Allocation Add-on

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