Easy Online Tutoring With Lessonspace & Teachworks

Easy Online Tutoring With Lessonspace & Teachworks

Lessonspace is one of the few platforms optimized specifically for online tutoring. Other platforms offer solutions for audio and video communication, whiteboarding, file sharing, etc., but none of them pull the features together like Lessonspace. In this article we’re going to highlight some of Lessonspace’s main benefits and features, as well as how online tutoring is made easy with Lessonspace and Teachworks.

A Highlight Of Lessonspace’s Key Features

Lessonspace has a wide variety of features that make it the ideal platform to host online tutoring services. Here is a brief list of some of those features:

  • Live Collaborative Whiteboards
  • Real-time Video Chat
  • In-Lesson Text Chat
  • Screen Sharing
  • File Sharing
  • Document Annotation

These are only a few of the main features currently available in Lessonspace, and they’re always working on enhancements and releasing new features, as well. If you’d like to check out a full list of features available in Lessonspace you can visit their website at thelessonspace.com.

Teachworks’ Lessonspace Integration

Teachworks integrates directly with Lessonspace to simplify the process of scheduling online tutoring sessions in Lessonspace using Teachworks’ tutoring business software.

Teachworks’ customers have access to a number of unique benefits while using the Lessonspace Integration that aren’t available if your tutoring business uses Lessonspace outside of Teachworks.

It’s worth mentioning that you can also partially integrate Teachworks with other online communication platforms like Skype and Zoom using the Location Links Add-On. The Lessonspace Integration, however, offers several distinct advantages that aren’t offered with other platforms. In particular, the Lessonspace Integration significantly simplifies and streamlines how online lessons are scheduled and accessed by tutors and students.

We’ll further discuss that point below during our discussion of the 5 key benefits of using Teachworks’ Lessonspace Integration.

Teachworks Customers Get Special Pricing

Teachworks’ customers who use Lessonspace via the Lessonspace Integration are given access to special pricing in Lessonspace. Teachworks’ customers receive cheaper monthly subscription rates, increased hours per month for each plan type, and lower hourly costs for additional hours that exceed your monthly plan.

The table below displays Lessonspace’s standard pricing on the left, and Teachworks’ special pricing on the right. The main differences have been bolded in the Teachworks column.

Standard Lessonspace PricingTeachworks’ Customer Pricing
Starter Plan$29/month for first 30 hours/month
$1.80 per additional hour
$29/month for first 50 hours/month
$0.90 per additional hour
Pro Plan$99/month for first 100 hours/month
$1.20 per additional hour
$49/month for first 100 hours/month
$0.75 per additional hour
Advanced Plan$199/month for first 300 hours/month
$0.67 per additional hour
$99/month for first 300 hours/month
$0.67 per additional hour

Choose a Server Location for Lessonspace in Teachworks

Lessonspace has different servers that are located in different parts of the world, and the server you and your students connect to has a direct impact on the overall quality of the lessons you host using Lessonspace. In general, it’s best to pick the server location closest to your physical location in the world.

Teachworks makes it easy to select a Lessonspace server location using your Teachworks account, so you don’t need to go looking for the setting in Lessonspace. Simply login to your Teachworks admin account, view the settings for the Lessonspace Integration, and select your preferred server location.

Simplified Tutor Scheduling in Teachworks’

If you’ve checked out our how-to articles for using the Location Links Add-On to partially integrate your Teachworks account with Skype or Zoom you know that you need to create and add as many locations to Teachworks as you’ll need for online lessons.

Although it doesn’t require a significant amount of time to partially integrate with Skype or Zoom, the Lessonspace Integration allows you to bypass manually setting up locations in Teachworks for online lessons.

Only a single location called “Online Lesson Space” is added to your Location List when you use the Lessonspace Integration, so there is no additional set-up required once the integration is enabled. Scheduling is also simplified thanks to this single location, and it guarantees tutors and staff can never choose the wrong location when scheduling online lessons.

This location is used to schedule all online lessons hosted in Lessonspace. The software handles the process of assigning users to their specific lesson spaces so you don’t have to do it manually, a feature we’re going to discuss in more detail below.

Unique Online Lesson Spaces

Lessonspace uses the concept of “spaces” for online lessons, which are unique online meeting spaces. When a user clicks on the “Launch Online Lessons Space” button on their Teachworks Calendar, or they click the link included in their lesson reminder email, the relevant space will be launched based on the student and tutor assigned to the lesson.

Having the software identify which users are participating in a lesson and automatically opening the corresponding lesson space significantly simplifies scheduling. In addition, spaces are saved automatically by Lessonspace, so anything saved in a space will be available to users if they return to that space at a later time, making recurring lessons simple and seamless.

Users Don’t Need Lessonspace Profiles

A significant benefit you can look forward to when using the Lessonspace Integration is that your students and tutors don’t need to create a Lessonspace profile to access their online lesson space. All they need to do is click the Lesson space link on their Teachworks Calendar, or in their lesson reminder email, and they’ll be linked up to their lesson space immediately.

Tutors are added to the space as a “leader” and have special privileges regarding control over the space. Students and parents are added to the space as students, and can be muted, removed, etc., at the discretion of the space’s leader.

Sign Up For A Free Trial

Lessonspace and Teachworks both offer free trials, so you can test out the software before you commit to either one them. If you already have a Teachworks account and would like to get started with your Lessonspace Trial you can follow the steps in this article to get set up in a few simple steps: Lessonspace Integration.

If you don’t yet have a Teachworks account and would like to sign up, click the button below to get started today.

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