Speed Up Onboarding With The Bulk Enable User Accounts Add-on

Bulk Enable User Accounts Add-on

Teachworks offers many tools that help to make the onboarding process quick and easy. One such feature is the ability to import families, child students and independent students using a spreadsheet. We’ve recently also added the ability to enable user accounts for your clients in bulk so that they can log into their own Teachworks accounts in no time.

In this article, we’ll look at the Bulk Enable User Accounts Add-on in more depth. 

What the Bulk Enable User Accounts Add-on Does

The Bulk Enable User Accounts Add-on makes it possible to enable user accounts and send account confirmation emails to Families, Child Students and Independent Students. It uses checkboxes that allow you to enable all accounts at once, or you can select specific families and students instead.

Once the emails have been triggered, your clients will receive an email containing a link that they can click to confirm their accounts and set a password.

Enabling the Add-on

This is currently a limited access feature, so if you would like to use it for your company, please send our support team an email to enable it in your account.

Once it’s available, you can enable it on the Integrations & Add-ons page in your Teachworks account.

Using the Add-on

To use the add-on, head over to the Integrations & Add-ons page and click the “Manage” link. You can choose between the following options: 

  • Enable Family User Accounts
  • Enable Independent Student User Accounts
  • Enable Child Student User Accounts

Clicking the relevant option will take you to a table that displays all profiles that meet the following criteria:

  • Profiles are set to “Active”
  • Profiles have an email address 
  • The email captured on the profile is unique (in other words not used by another user account)

You can use the checkboxes to choose the relevant profiles and then click the “Enable User Accounts” button to complete the process.

Bulk Enable User Accounts Add-on - Checkboxes

For more information about this new add-on, visit our Knowledge Base: Bulk Enable User Accounts Add-on

Enabling Individual User Accounts

The Bulk Enable User Accounts Add-on is a great time-saver if you’re switching to Teachworks and you would like to give your clients access to their own accounts, or if you’re enabling user accounts for the first time.

It has always been possible to enable individual user accounts right on a client’s profile in Teachworks. When you’re creating a new profile for a client, the “Enable User Account” checkbox can be selected on the same form. This option makes more sense when you’re adding profiles to Teachworks one-by-one. Find more steps here: Enabling & Disabling User Account Access

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