Welcome to Teachworks: Take Our Quick Tour

Welcome to Teachworks

Teachworks is tutor management software that helps education businesses of all sizes simplify and automate their teaching businesses. 

The biggest segment of our clients is made up of tutoring companies, but we also have many music schools/studios, language schools, test preparation centres and driving schools that rely on our services to keep their businesses running smoothly.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a simplified version of the Teachworks tour, but you can find the full Teachworks tour on our website: Manage & Grow Your Business With Less Effort

1. Explainer Video

The first stop in the Teachworks tour is this short explainer video. In this video, we provide an overview of our core features and how it can help you save time, reduce headaches and grow your business.

2. Calendar & Scheduling

Coordinating schedules with multiple teachers/tutors, students, locations and services can be a lot to juggle especially as your business grows. The Teachworks calendar contains many time-savers to make the scheduling process quick and easy regardless of your specific requirements.

Our features include:

  • Multiple calendars, calendar views and filters for quick searching
  • Ability to set teacher/tutor availability and add unavailability to the calendar
  • Scheduling shortcuts including drag & drop, copying lessons, resizing calendar events to change the duration
  • Conflict checking for teachers/tutors, locations and more
  • Free website booking for booking lessons, joining classes and enrolling in courses
  • Automatic record tracking for attendance, services, subjects, teacher & tutor hours and much more
  • Ability to add and send detailed lesson notes after each lesson
  • Personal user accounts to allow teachers/tutors and clients to easily access their personalized schedules
  • Schedule confirmation emails to provide clients with a snapshot of their upcoming lessons
  • Easy user time zone support

Learn more: Complex Scheduling Simplified

3. Communication 

Communication is a key part of your teaching business. Teachworks provides great tools for easy internal and external communication to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Our features include:

  • Personal accounts for users to allow them to access their schedules, billing information, notes and more.
  • Automatic email and SMS reminders with customizable templates to help cut down on no-shows.
  • Ability to add detailed lesson notes for internal and external use. Shared notes can easily be emailed to parents and students.
  • Ability to send emails to different types of users, or you can email a class right from the calendar.
  • Lesson flags to flag specific lessons that need to be reviewed by administrators.

Learn more: Enhance & Automate Communication

4. Billing & Payroll

Teachworks includes features that can streamline and automate invoicing, payment processing and payroll. Managing this aspect of your business can be time consuming, but our time-saving features will help to free up much needed time that you can use to focus on other areas of your business.

Our features include:

  • A myriad of billing methods to bill clients correctly every time.
  • Invoicing features for generating single invoices, multiple invoices or the ability to entirely automate invoicing.
  • Customizable invoice layout and labels.
  • Automatic invoice flags when invoice totals are affected by a specific change (such as lessons being cancelled and reducing the invoice total). Prompts are included to make it quick and easy to generate credit notes, additional invoices or to update unpaid invoices with the changes.
  • Easy online credit card payments and ACH payments for US based companies.
  • Ability to process credit card payments in bulk.
  • Automated timesheets and teacher payments.
  • Custom invoice emails for different scenarios including late payments.

Learn more: Less Accounting, More Teaching

5. Records and Analytics

Teachworks offers a number of reports to help you keep an eye on your business performance the easy way. It also includes bulk update features that allow you to keep records up-to-date at all times.

Our features include:

  • All tables are searchable and sortable.
  • Download account data to Excel for further analysis or for backup purposes.
  • Easily import profiles for families, students and employees in bulk using a spreadsheet.
  • Use the import feature to update profiles in bulk.
  • Perform actions, such as updating lesson statuses and sending invoice emails in bulk, using checkboxes. 
  • View business data in real time on the dashboard or one of our customizable reports.
  • Collect enrollment information using custom forms. This data is used to create profiles in Teachworks automatically.
  • Record detailed information about clients and employees using standard fields, or add custom fields based on your requirements.
  • Increment grade levels in bulk every year.

Learn more: Detailed Records & Powerful Analytics

6. Customize and White Label

Teachworks allows you to extend your brand with white labelling options including your logo, company name and custom subdomain. You can also choose which add-ons and integrations to enable in your account to build an efficient interface tailored to your specific requirements.

Our features include:

  • A dedicated login page with your logo/company name.
  • Add a login form to your website to allow users to access Teachworks right from your website. You can tweak the look of the form visually in Teachworks.
  • Your company name is displayed on every page in your Teachworks account.
  • Customize terminology that’s used in your account including the term for “Student”, “Teacher”, “Event” and more. 
  • Tweak account settings based on your unique business needs. Choose between dozens of settings that include everything from currency to how packages are tracked.
  • Only enable/disable integrations & add-ons that are relevant to you and avoid the clutter.
  • Showcase your teachers/tutors on your website by displaying their profiles in a grid/list format. You can customize the data that appears as well as the look and feel of the grid/list visually in Teachworks. 
  • Build custom software solutions using the Teachworks API.

Learn more: Customize & White Label Your Account

7. Manage Multiple Locations

Teachworks can support your business from a single branch to multiple branches. Additionally, it can also accommodate a franchise system. Create a master account to view consolidated statistics, add/manage branches, switch between accounts and much more.

Learn more: Manage Multiple Locations

8. Integrations & Add-ons

Our list of integrations & add-ons is always expanding. Visit our website for a full, updated list and more information about each of our features: Free Integrations & Add-Ons

We hope that you enjoyed this simplified version of the Teachworks Tour! Are you ready to get started with Teachworks? Use our Quick Start Guide to get set up in no time, or start your free 3-week trial immediately by clicking the button below!

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