Tutor Tutorials: Speed Up Onboarding & Training

Tutor Tutorials: Speed Up Onboarding & Training

When you switch to new tutoring management software, there is always a bit of a learning curve involved. The transition can be challenging for administrators since they have full access to each and every feature and lots of administrative tasks to deal with.

The transition can also be a challenge for tutors, so it’s important to spend some time on helping them get onboarded and comfortable with the new software as quickly as possible.

The Teachworks Approach

Teachworks offers an easy-to-use interface free from clutter. Users will only see the information and features they use actively, making it quick and easy to navigate the software. Administrators can control what tutors see in their accounts by setting permissions and tweaking settings for integrations and add-ons.

In addition to a simple interface, we also provide users with many resources. Administrators and staff have access to tutorials (image & video) as well as a detailed knowledge base with step-by-step instructions on how to use our various features. 

Dedicated Teacher & Tutor Tutorials For Your Employees

The resources above can be used by tutors as well, but their accounts will not include all the same options. For this reason, we’ve created a dedicated tutorials page with videos for tutors and teachers that you can find here: Tutor & Teacher Tutorials

Speed Up Tutor & Teacher On-Boarding

Included in the tutorials:

  • Scheduling lessons for single or multiple students
  • Scheduling repeating lessons
  • Checking conflicts
  • Editing lessons 
  • Completing lessons (updating lesson statuses, adding lesson notes and sending lesson notes to parents and students)
  • Completing lessons in bulk 
  • Editing a profile and adding general availability
  • Adding and editing unavailability

A Note About Additional Features

Teachworks offers more than 55 free integrations and add-ons and many of them include functionality for tutors. Companies can have any combination of add-ons and integrations enabled, so it’s not really possible to provide videos for each scenario. However, we’ve included some of the most popular features below:

  • Lesson Requests Add-on: This add-on has a “Teacher Response” option. If enabled, lesson requests from clients will be sent directly to tutors to accept, modify or decline. Tutors will receive an email and will also be able to view and manage requests from their dashboard or by going to the calendar tab in their account.
  • Lesson Flags Add-on: This add-on allows tutors to flag unusual or irregular lessons for attention from administrators. When enabled, a checkbox will be included on the Complete Lesson Form.
  • Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-on: This add-on allows you to tweak the Complete Lesson Form based on your company’s specific needs. You can hide fields or make fields required and much more. If this add-on is enabled, the Complete Lesson Form might look slightly different from the tutorial video.
  • Shared Profile Resources Add-on: This add-on allows you to add a section to all employee profiles where you can display information including links to folders on Google Drive, Dropbox and more. 
  • Note & Communication Logs Add-on: This add-on makes it possible to add internal notes to student profiles. Depending on permission settings, tutors will be able to use this feature to jot down important information related to their assigned students.
  • Results Tracking Add-on: Depending on permissions enabled, tutors can use this add-on to view and record results for students.

See our full list of Integrations and Add-ons here: Teachworks Integrations & Add-ons

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