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Teachworks' Calendar Software

Scheduling is a central part of any tutoring business, so using calendar software that makes the process quick and easy is a great idea. Teachworks’ scheduling calendar is easy to use and contains many time-savers that will shave hours off your work week.

This article will look at the Teachworks Calendar in more detail and will explain how calendar data is used to speed up other admin tasks. It will also look at some client facing scheduling options.

Teachworks’ Main Scheduling Calendar

At a glance, the main calendar features Day, Week, and Month views along with filters and a date picker to easily navigate to specific dates. When you drill down, you will notice a number of time-saving features that will streamline scheduling tasks. This includes:

  • Repeat settings for students that have a repeating schedule 
  • Copy option to quickly schedule similar lessons
  • Drag-and-drop functionality to update the time and date of lessons
  • Drag option to extend the duration of a lesson
  • Color-coding options to stay organized
  • Filters for Employees, Students, Families, Services, Locations and Enroll Status (if you’re using the Open Classes Add-on) for quick searching
  • The option to complete lessons to mark attendance right from the calendar
  • The ability to delete all lessons and events on a single day (this is useful for clearing the schedule for holidays)

Other Scheduling Calendars 

In addition to the main calendar, Teachworks also offers the options below:

1. Location Calendar – this calendar makes it easy to check availability for specific locations. You can drag lessons to a new row to update the location.

2. Teacher Calendar – this calendar makes it easy to check teacher availability. You can drag lessons to update the teacher without having to open the lesson.

3. Calendar List – this calendar displays lessons and events in a list format, making it very simple to print. It also shows the number of available spaces if you host group lessons with a set limit.

4. Vehicle Calendarthis calendar is added to your account when you enable the Vehicle Manager Add-on. It allows driving schools to easily verify vehicle availability. 

5. Mobile Calendar – this calendar is visible when you access Teachworks from a mobile device and provides you with a clean, mobile optimized calendar.

How Calendar Data Simplifies Other Admin Tasks

The calendar is home to a lot of data and that data is used to streamline and automate other tasks such as invoicing, payment processing, reporting, and payroll.

The Anatomy of a Teachworks Lesson 

Teachworks' Calendar Software Example - The data contained in lessons.
  • Lesson costs are pulled from the Service List (or Student Profile) and set for lessons based on the duration. The lessons can be pulled onto invoices for accurate billing every time.
  • Lesson wages are pulled from the Service List (or teacher profiles) and used to calculate teacher hours and earnings.

Client Scheduling Options

Teachworks offers many time-savers to help tutoring companies and teachers schedule lessons and events. In addition, we also have some features that allow your clients to schedule/request lessons. This includes:

  • Website Booking Plugin: Allows clients to book lessons, join classes or enroll in courses.
  • Lesson Requests Add-on: Allows clients to request lessons and the administrator/teacher can then accept, reject or modify the request. 

Teachworks is tutor management software that helps to simplify and automate your teaching business. Our calendar software will save you time and make your life easier. Try us out for free for 3-weeks!

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