Invoice Line Item Sales Tax & Other New Updates!

We have added some exciting new features and enhancements to Teachworks recently! Below you can find everything you need to know.

1. New Feature – Invoice Line Item Sales Tax

This feature allows non-US companies to change the default tax behavior to calculate sales tax on individual line items. The purpose of this feature is to be consistent with the tax calculation method that QuickBooks Online uses for Global users. Learn more here: Invoice Sales Tax by Line Item.

2. Lesson Request Add-on

  • Emails from the Lesson Request Add-on are now sent asynchronously in order to improve page speed in case of a slow connection to our email provider.
  • When the “Teacher Response” setting is enabled, the teacher’s email address was previously put in the “Reply-To” field of the response email. This has been removed to avoid teacher email addresses from being visible to clients in case it isn’t desired.

3. Customer Cancellation Add-on

  • We have added a “Comments” column to the Customer Cancellations table.
  • We have fixed the message that is displayed when clicking a “Cancel” link when the Customer Cancellations Add-on has been disabled.

4. Notes & Communication Logs Add-on

  • We have added a date filter to the “Profile Notes” table.
  • We have updated the Notes & Communication modal so that clicking on the outside of the modal window will no longer close it. This is to prevent accidentally closing it.

5. Website Profiles Add-on

  • We have added a “per page” setting to the Website Profiles Add-on that allows for customizing the number of profiles displayed per page.

6. Results Tracking Add-on

  • We have added a setting to the Results Tracking Add-on that, when enabled, will only allow admin/staff to add new Result Groups.

7. Activity Logs Add-on

  • We’ve added the “Stripe Integration” as a filter option in the Activity Logs Add-on.

8. Teacher Invoices Add-on

  • We have added merge tags to the Teacher Invoices Add-on for the address line 2 field on employee profiles for teacher and company address fields.

9. Teachworks API

  • We have updated the API key field so that the text from the “Show/Hide” button can’t be copied by accident with the API key.
  • We have added the ability to create Requested lessons through the Teachworks API.
  • We have fixed the List Lessons endpoint in the Teachworks API to accept the gt, gte, lt, and lte values for the “to_date” filter parameter.

10. Invoices

  • We have updated the validation error message that occurs when the due date is missing on the invoice form to indicate that the due date can be set automatically using the “Due Date Relative to Invoice Date” setting on the Account Settings page.
  • We have fixed a bug that was occurring when creating an invoice to adjust a flagged, paid invoice wasn’t hiding the flags on the original invoice if a validation error was raised on the new invoice.
  • We have added two new merge tags to the invoice email notification templates, including templates from the Custom Invoice Emails Add-on. The merge tags are for displaying the invoice total and balance without an invoice surcharge included. The merge tags are {INVOICE-TOTAL-MINUS-SURCHARGE} and {INVOICE-BALANCE-MINUS-SURCHARGE}
  • We’ve removed the padding at the bottom of invoice PDFs in order to avoid an additional page from being created if the text reaches the bottom of the first page.
  • We have added a validation that runs when creating an invoice to check if the lessons submitted on the invoice form have subsequently been added to another invoice (ie. by a different user or in a different browser tab) and will direct the user back to the form and indicate the conflict if this occurs.

11. Other Updates and Enhancements

  • We have added the Caymen Islands Dollar to the list of available currencies in the “Currency” field found under Account Settings.
  • We have updated the billing preview section that will now display the billing preview based on the selected plan.
  • We have fixed the ability for Staff Employees that are included as a teacher to enable them to set the Assigned Students on their own profile.
  • We have fixed an Employee Wage Tier validation message that would appear if an employee had a wage tier set on their profile, their wage method was later subsequently changed to the profile price, and the wage tier was subsequently deleted.
  • We have fixed an issue with Wage Tier validation that was occurring if a wage tier was deleted, but the wage tier field was not updated on employee profiles.
  • We’ve resolved a bug that was occurring for Other Events using the “Selected Employees” option that initially had a Work Type selected. If the Work Type was deselected and the events were updated the wage was not set to zero. This has been fixed to be consistent with how the wage is set when Other Events are initially scheduled.
  • We have removed the “Packages” section from Family Profiles when viewing a family as a teacher account. Teachers can still view packages on the profiles of their assigned students.
  • We have optimized the packages displayed on customer and student profiles to provide faster load times.
  • We updated the message that appears if a user tries to reset their password without having confirmed their account. It now includes the instructions to use the “Resend Confirmation Email” link.
  • We have made an update to the Import Templates that will now automatically strip the “mailto:” prefix on email addresses.
  • Emails sent for lesson cancellations and creating a new invoice are now processed in the background to improve page load times in case the connection to our email provider is slow.
  • We have fixed the “Subjects” column so that it now displays Standard Subjects on the Teachers page when viewed within client accounts when the “Teacher Contact Info” setting is enabled for Customer Accounts.
  • We have limited the date range on the Employee Hours page to 1 year in order to prevent long running queries. Please note, longer ranges are still available for individual employee hours.
  • We have updated the Email Add-on feature to require Postmark Verification in order to send mass emails.
  • We have updated the “Send Email to Lesson Participant” feature to redirect back to the calendar after sending the email.
  • We have updated the Twilio SMS prices in the lookup menu on the “Buy SMS Credits” page for the SMS Lesson Reminder Add-on
  • We have updated the “Search” field on the package balances table to limit the searches to return data based on the selected filters. The “Search” field previously returned all results, regardless of the filters.
  • We have changed the order that records are displayed on the Employee Hours & Earnings page to chronological order, as they were previously displayed from newest to oldest.
  • When viewing an Invoice Autopilot, the list of customers in the “Customers” field will now show when the customer was added to the autopilot if you hover your mouse over their name.
  • We have updated the condition that determines whether a manual reminder link is displayed for a lesson to use the Teachworks account’s time zone instead of the browser’s time zone.
  • We have fixed a bug that made it possible for a widget to appear on the dashboard twice.
  • We have updated the terminology used in the Website Booking Plugin for better clarity.
  • We have added a customizable “Description” field to the Stripe credit card payment form that appears at the bottom of unpaid invoices.
  • We have added descriptive titles to the tabs on browsers for most of the main pages on the site.
  • We have added a link for the wage payments made for line items on the Teacher Hours & Earnings page.

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