Assign Non-Teaching Events to Employees in Bulk

Assign Non-Teaching Events to Employees in Bulk

We’ve made it easier and more efficient to assign non-teaching events to all employees with a single click. This new time-saver is perfect for companies looking for a quick way to block off teacher availability or track non-teaching hours for all employees at once.

The Create Non-Teaching Event form now displays “Select All” or “Deselect All” options when an event is scheduled for selected employees. The “Select All” link will add all employees to the Employees field and the deselect option will clear the field.

Create Non-Teaching Event form. Select all and deselect all options highlighted.

Non-teaching events can also be assigned to “Everyone” and “All Employees”. These options are intended for events such as open days or other days when teachers are still conducting regular lessons.

If you would like to block off availability for all teachers in the calendar, you will need to choose the “Selected Employees” option. Similarly, if you would like to track employee hours/earnings for all employees for a specific period of time, the “Selected Employees” option will allow you to do this. 

The “Select All” link speeds up the process for both scenarios since you no longer have to select employees one at a time.

Create Non-Teaching Event - Selected Employees option.

Once the non-teaching event has been assigned to all employees, the following will happen:

  1. The conflict checker will show a conflict during the selected time.
  2. Clients will not be able to choose the time slots when booking lessons through the Website Booking Plugin.
  3. Clients will see the unavailability when requesting lessons using the Lesson Requests Add-on.
Conflict checker example.

You can find more information about adding non-teaching events in the following article: Tracking Non-Teaching Hours

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