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Teachworks makes it easy to manage applications from prospective employees. Our Custom Forms Add-on allows you to create custom application forms that can be added to your website or sent by email. 

If you’re hiring for a range of positions, such as teaching and administration, you can create different forms to collect the relevant information for each role. 

In this article, we’ll look at building application forms, sharing application forms, and tracking applications in Teachworks.

1. Building Application Forms

To build a form, head over to the Integrations & Add-ons page in your Teachworks account and enable the Custom Forms Add-on. Once enabled, you can select the “Add New” option to start adding forms. For application forms, the form type will be “Employee”.  

You can add as many fields as you need to your application form by clicking the “Add Row” link and choosing the appropriate field from the drop down menu. By default, you will see all the standard profile fields, but if you require more fields, you can add custom fields using our Custom Profile Fields Add-on.

New feature: Previously employee forms supported a single attachment, but we’ve expanded the functionality. You can now add multiple attachment fields to your employee forms to collect cover letters, resumes and other important documentation you require upfront. 

Application Form Attachment Fields

Once the form is submitted, you can find the attachments under the “Files” section of the newly created profile.

For more information about building an application form, visit our Knowledge Base: Custom Forms Add-on

2. Sharing Application Forms

Every Custom Form created in Teachworks has a unique link. You can add the link as text or a button on your website, or you can embed the form in an iframe. You can also share the link via email, or on the job portal sites you use.

Tutor Application Form URL

3. Tracking Applications

When the form is completed, a profile is created automatically based on the information provided. Additionally, the following will happen:

  • A new form submission email will be sent to the company email address that contains the first name, last name and email address entered on the form.
  • When you login to Teachworks, the “New Employee Applications” widget on the dashboard will show the new application with a timestamp. You can click the name to navigate to the profile.
  • You can go directly to the Employee List and choose the “Prospective” filter to see a list of new applications.

When you view a profile, you will be able to review all the information the applicant has entered on their form. You can also click the download link on the employee list page to review application information for multiple applicants on a single screen.

If you require additional information from shortlisted applicants, you can use our Custom Form Invitations Add-on to gather any additional information you may require at this point in the application process.

After you’ve conducted interviews and finalized new hires, they will already have profiles that you can simply activate. You can also enable user accounts as needed by following these steps: Enabling User Account Access

Teachworks makes the hiring process more efficient by keeping everything in a central place. Once you’ve created and shared application forms with prospective hires, you can track applications directly in Teachworks. Profiles are created automatically, making it quick and easy for new hires to get started.  

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