How to Easily Track Non-Teaching Hours & Earnings in Teachworks

How to Manage Non-Teaching Earnings in Teachworks

Does your current education scheduling software solution make it quick and easy to keep track of employee hours and earnings? If not, it might be time to start your search for a more robust solution that can grow with your business.

Teachworks makes it very simple to track teaching hours efficiently and accurately. As lessons are scheduled, teacher hours are calculated automatically using the wage associated with each lesson.

In addition to teaching hours, you can also record non-teaching hours (this is useful for administrative staff or teachers that perform additional tasks) as well as non-hourly compensation.

Keep reading to find out how you can track non-teaching hours and earnings in Teachworks with ease!

1. Tracking non-teaching hours

To track non-teaching hours, you can schedule other events in Teachworks by going to Calendar > Other events. These events can be assigned to a specific employee and can be associated with a specific work type (such as “Bookkeeping” or “Admin Duties”).

How it works

Step 1: Decide how hourly wages will be calculated

If employees will always earn the same hourly wage for non-teaching hours, you can set the wage directly on their profile. When adding other events, the same wage will be set each time regardless of the selected work type.

To do this, edit the profile and scroll to the Employment Details section. Set the Non-Teaching Wage Type field to “Set Wage on Profile” and then specify the hourly wage in the field that appears on the screen.

track non-teaching hours: wage type

If employees will earn different hourly wages for different types of tasks, you can set their Non-Teaching Wage Type to “Use Work List Wage”.

track non-teaching hours: work list wage

Step 2: Set up the work list

Go to Account & Settings > Work List to add and edit different work types. Depending on your settings in step 1, you can set a specific wage for each work type.

track non-teaching hours: work list

Step 3: Schedule other events

Go to Calendar > Add Other Events to start adding non-teaching events. Follow the steps below:

  1. Set the “Event is for” field to “Selected Employees” (this will expand the form with more options)
  2. Choose the relevant employee(s) in the “Employees” field
  3. Select the correct Work Type
  4. Complete the rest of the form and submit the page

Note: If teachers have permission to manage calendar events, they will be able to log their own non-teaching hours.

As non-teaching events are scheduled in the calendar, earnings are tallied automatically. You can view this by going to Employees > Employee Hours and then clicking the “View” icon next to the relevant employee. Non-teaching hours are listed under “Other Hours”

2. Recording non-hourly compensation  

If employees are not paid an hourly wage, you can record non-hourly compensation to keep track of their earnings. This feature is useful for managing salaries, bonuses, referral fees or reimbursements.

How it works

1. Go to Employees > Employee Hours

2. Find the employee in the list and click the magnifying glass icon to view a breakdown of their personal hours

3. Next to “Other Compensation”, click the “Add” link

track non-teaching hours & earnings: non-hourly compensation

3. Recording Employee Payments

When using Teachworks for your teaching business, there is no need to collect time sheets from your teachers because their hours are conveniently pulled right from the calendar. Calculating teacher payments is as easy as selecting the payment time period, checking the calendar events to include, and submitting the payment form.

We’ve recently streamlined this process even more with our Bulk Wage Payments Add-On. This add-on is a great time-saver for large companies that need to process employee payments in bulk. Learn more: Bulk Wage Payments Add-On

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