Position Your Tutoring Business as a Problem Solver

Position Your Tutoring Business as a Problem Solver

Problem Solver

Marketing is an important activity if you manage a tutoring business. It is, after all, one of the primary methods you’ll use to bring in new customers. But your marketing strategy and tactics need a specific angle to be effective. One angle is to position your tutoring business as a solution to your customer’s problems. Today we discuss why this goal is suitable and some methods for making it work.

Why Customers Are Looking For Help

Customers are searching for tutoring businesses because they need help with something. Their specific problem might vary to some degree, but if they’re looking for a tutor to help them (or their children) then they’ve decided they aren’t capable of solving the problem on their own.

That’s where your business enters the picture. Prospective customers will find your business in a number of different ways, depending on the type of marketing you do and the channels you use. But getting your content in front of prospective customers is only half the battle; you also need to let them know why you’re going to help them.

That’s why it’s effective to position your tutoring business as a solution to your customer’s problems. At a glance you can let them know you can relate to the problem their facing and that your business has just the thing to fix it. You can try some of the ideas below to do this effectively.

Identify Your Customer’s Problems

Before you get into developing actual marketing content you should figure out what problems you’re trying to solve for your customers. Try to be specific. The outcome of any tutoring session is always improvement in the subject, but there are far more specific ways to say this than just saying “We’ll help your child improve.”

Instead, you can use specific phrases that clearly state the types of goals you’ll help learners accomplish. Some examples are helping students read at a certain grade level, achieve certain test scores, and complete certain kinds of equations.

Crafting statements like this will require you to know exactly how your business can help, what customers need help with, and where the two overlap.

Talk About Customer’s Problems

Talking about the problems your customers are trying to solve is the first step towards establishing that your business can also solve them.

Once you’ve identified the specific problems your customers are trying to solve you can discuss them (and your proposed solutions) in marketing content, on your website, in newsletters, and on your blog. The more customers grow to appreciate that your business understands what they need, the more likely they’ll be to turn to you for help.

Be Relatable

This point is more about the language you use when you discuss the problems customers are trying to solve. That’s because talking about relevant topics is only half the battle; the other half is relating to them.

It’s important to be relatable to your customers because they need to know that you aren’t just tricking them into using your services. It’s one thing to talk about relevant issues and topics, but it’s a different thing altogether to do it in a way that’s believable. And being believable is important. The more believable your business is, the more customers will trust your business. More trust will mean more interest, more lessons, and more revenue.

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