Accept ACH Payments in Teachworks

Accept ACH Payments in Teachworks

We are excited to announce that Teachworks now supports ACH payments through our Stripe Integration for businesses based in the United States.  ACH, or Automated Clearing House, is an electronic network that allows individuals to transfer funds directly from their bank account. ACH offers many benefits that businesses can take advantage of, including the following:

Lower Processing Costs – Processing fees for ACH average at about $0.29 per transaction, compared to credit card fees starting at 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for US businesses.

More Choices – Our Stripe Integration already allows you to accept credit and debit cards — the addition of ACH gives you another option to accept payment from your clients. 

Enabling ACH in your Teachworks Account

In order to enable and take advantage of the ACH feature within Teachworks, you’ll need to complete the steps below:

  1. You must first ensure that you have enabled the Stripe Integration (if you have not, you can find the steps to do so in the following article:  Stripe Integration).
  2. After Stripe has been set up, you’ll need to enable the “Process ACH Payments on Behalf of Clients” option, found under the “ACH Payments” section of the Stripe settings.
  3. As soon as ACH payments have been enabled, the next step is to begin the process of marking a customer’s bank account as verified
    1. On a customer’s profile, go to the Payment Details section and click the “View & Manage” option, next to the ACH field
    2. Enter the bank details
    3. The customer’s bank account will receive 2 microdeposits in the days after submitting the bank account details.
    4. As soon as they have received the deposits, go to the customer’s ACH Page, click on the “Verify” link and enter the 2 deposits.  You will now be able to submit the form.  Your clients can also verify their bank account through their Teachworks account (if you have provided them with one) by adding their banking details to the ACH Bank Details Form themselves.

Processing ACH Payments

You can process ACH payments to pay invoices individually or multiple invoices at once using our Bulk Invoice Payments feature.  If a customer has a verified bank account associated with their profile, then you will be able to select the ACH option on the payment form at the bottom of an invoice in your administrator or staff account. 

For your customers that have both credit cards and a bank account associated with their Teachworks profile, you will be able to choose the payment order when using the Bulk Invoice Payments feature.

Teachworks offers many flexible billing solutions for your business. Our Stripe Integration makes collecting payments easier by allowing you to manage client credit cards and to charge credit cards on behalf of clients. This improvement will give your teaching business more autonomy to manage client payments. You can find more information about how this feature can benefit your business here: Collecting Payments with Stripe

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