How to Keep Tutoring Customers Coming Back

How to Keep Tutoring Business Customers Coming Back

Retaining customers for longer periods of time is one of the cheapest methods of increasing your revenue, scheduling more lessons, and improving your word-of-mouth marketing. In this article we’re going to discuss how to keep tutoring customers coming back for more lessons by offering reward programs and nurturing your business’ relationships with its existing customers.

You’ve probably heard that it costs less to retain existing customers than it does to acquire new ones. That’s because existing customers have already chosen your business instead of visiting your competition; the hardest part is over.

But that also means your relationship with this customer group has changed. You no longer need to convince them to try your services. Now you need to convince them to stay, and we’re going to discuss two strategies for doing that in more detail below.

Build Better Relationships & Market to Existing Customers

Providing outstanding service will always be the foundation of cultivating high rates of customer retention and satisfaction, but there are other tactics you can use along the way to help nurture relationships with customers so your business shifts in their mind from preferred to irreplaceable.

The two tactics we’re going to focus on are:

  • Marketing to existing customers with rewards programs
  • Nurturing relationships with customers to inspire loyalty

Your business’ specific goals might vary a little bit, but overall these strategies are intended to increase customer’s positive feelings about your business, provide your business more opportunity to create positive interactions with customers, and generally raise levels of customer satisfaction.

Below we discuss a few simple methods you can use to market to existing customers and nurture your relationships with them so they’re happy, satisfied, and eager to come back for more lessons.

Offer Loyalty Reward Programs

Have you ever eaten at your favourite restaurant or purchased something from a store and been given a hole-punched card to put in your wallet or purse, with the instruction to use the card to keep track of your visits so on the 10th one you’re given something for free?

That’s a loyalty reward program; they’re easy to set up, track, and give customers extra incentive to reach a goal as they get closer to it.

For example: you offer a loyalty reward program where every 10th lesson is free. As clients get closer and closer to that free lesson they’ll be more likely to make sure they schedule that 10th lesson, because they want the reward they’ve worked towards. Maybe they only need 8 lessons, but they scheduled that 9th lesson just to get the 10th for free.

That gives your business an extra lesson’s worth of revenue, and an additional opportunity to impress your customers with exceptional service. Getting free lessons (especially high quality lessons) will always make customers happy, and happy customers are more likely to come back and refer their friends to your business.

Offer Rewards for Referrals

Another method you can use to market to existing customers is to set up reward programs for referrals.

Happy, satisfied customers are likely telling their friends about your business already, so why not encourage them to go the extra mile using referral rewards? Referral rewards will reinforce word-of-mouth marketing, and will also give your business the opportunity to show appreciation when a customer refers their friends.

A common method of setting up referral rewards is to offer rewards to both the referring and referred customers. That way your existing customer feels your appreciation, your new customer’s first contact with your business is positive, and your business has taken small steps to improve relationships with two different customers (while adding revenue by gaining a new customer). Rewards you can offer include free lessons and discounts.

Offer Sibling Discounts

It’s common for families to have more than one child, and if multiple children in a family need tutoring it makes sense for the family to have all of their children tutored in one place.

A simple method of retaining customers (and attracting new ones) is to offer discounts based on sibling enrollment in your services.

These discounts are set up to reduce prices as more siblings are enrolled, and incentivize families to use your business if additional children in their family need tutoring. This strategy also rewards customers for providing you with more business by giving something back to them in return for their loyalty.

Ask For Feedback

Customers will have opinions about your business, and they appreciate being given the opportunity to share them with you.

Creating a simple method for customers to provide feedback, and encouraging them to share their opinions with you, can help build and strengthen relationships.

The success of this strategy depends largely on how your business handles the feedback it receives. Customers will appreciate the opportunity to share their thoughts with you, but they’ll only feel truly valued when they know you’ve actually heard what they have to say.

Have a staff member read each response and prioritize them. If any customers are unhappy or dissatisfied, reach out to them immediately to remedy the situation. If customers have suggestions, let them know you’ve heard what they have to say and will take it into consideration. If customers give you a glowing review, thank them!

The point here is to build relationships with your customers that extend beyond your business relationship, which can add an additional layer of customer loyalty onto the one you build with your exceptional service.

Celebrate your Customers

Celebrating your customers is another practice you can develop to show customers you care about them beyond your business relationship. Celebrating with your customers helps humanize your relationships and can lead to more positive impressions of your business from current and prospective customers.

Celebrating your customers doesn’t have to be time consuming, either. Simple steps like wishing customers a happy birthday via email can go a long way towards making customers feel noticed. You can also highlight achievements and milestones (on bulletin boards, on your website, in newsletters) when students reach goals they’ve set and you’ve achieved together.

The Effects of Rewarding & Appreciating Customers

As you implement these strategies to reward customers and show them that you appreciate them, your tutoring business is likely to see results.

Customers enjoy being rewarded and celebrated. It makes them feel good, and they’ll associate those good feelings with your business.

Over time those positive interactions and impressions of your business will turn into customer loyalty, and your tutoring business will see higher rates of customer retention, improved rates of referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, and overall increased revenue.

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