Collecting Payments with Stripe

We’ve recently made some improvements to Teachworks’ Stripe Integration that make collecting payments easier by allowing you to manage client credit cards and to charge credit cards on behalf of clients. This improvement will give your teaching business more autonomy to manage client payments.

Multiple Client Credit Cards

The first improvement that we’ve made is allowing multiple credit cards to be saved on client profiles.  This makes it possible to quickly select a card to use for paying an invoice and it allows clients to have one or more back up credit cards in case their default card is declined.  There are several actions available for managing client cards including adding, editing, removing and selecting a default card.

Managing Client Credit Cards

Previously, only clients could add or remove credit cards.  With this update, there is now an option that allows administrators or staff to manage client cards.  Admins or staff can go to the client’s profile and click the link under their billing details to View & Manage the clients cards.

This option is ideal for companies who have not enabled user accounts for their clients and want to handle charges on behalf of clients.

Charging Credit Cards on Behalf of Clients

Collecting payments just got easier with this option!

When the “Manage & Charge” option is enabled in your Stripe Integration settings, managers and staff employees with the appropriate account permissions can also pay invoice balances using the client’s credit card.

Collecting PaymentsWhen viewing an unpaid invoice belonging to a client with at least one saved credit card, the administrator or staff member will see a payment option at the bottom of the invoice that allows them to select one of the client’s credit cards and pay the invoice balance.

This payment method also includes an option to go directly to the next unpaid invoice, so that you can efficiently review and pay multiple invoices in succession.

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