5 Strategies to Boost Teacher Retention

5 Strategies to Boost Teacher Retention

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Exemplary people are the backbone of any successful company and play an incredibly large role in driving the business forward. That’s why building a foundation of loyal, hardworking teachers is so important – but, it depends on attracting and retaining quality talent.

As employee retention no longer depends on just being a “good place to work”, it’s necessary to examine other factors like engagement levels and company culture to encourage employees to stay for the long term. 

Staff turnover not only affects the overall company atmosphere, but it’s also quite costly when it comes to recruiting and training. Research on employee retention shows that the cost of replacing a single employee can range from one-half to two times the person’s annual salary! 

Luckily, even if you’re a small company with limited resources, it’s possible to make an impact and increase your retention rates with just a few strategies.  

1. Embrace and build teachers’ strengths 

Taking the initiative to recognize individual strengths is a valuable venture for both your relationship and company performance. As employees’ are naturally inclined to work with their strengths, it’s no doubt that they can be used to increase performance and yield high quality results – especially when their role is tailored to their talents. 

Likewise, it’s important to ensure that teachers are challenged in their areas of strength and have access to the resources they need to succeed. By investing in your team’s continuous development, both your employees’ engagement and drive for company growth accelerate.

A great opportunity to review strengths is during 1-on-1 meetings. Take the time to discuss their career aspirations, encourage learning opportunities, and introduce new responsibilities. 

2. Be a company your teachers are proud to work for 

People who take pride in their company work passionately and care about the impact that their organization has in the community. When someone truly believes in their company’s vision, they become brand ambassadors for their business. This not only helps to build its reputation and perception from outsiders but results in the attraction of high quality talent in the future.

Equally as important is sharing your organization’s vision and involving teachers directly in its realization. By ensuring everyone’s working towards the same goals, your team gains a better sense of direction, increasing performance and collaboration throughout your entire company.

3. Make recognition and appreciation common practice 

Recognizing employee achievements makes a huge difference in productivity and company retention rates. Everyone, even you and I, find benefit in knowing that they’re appreciated for their daily effort to benefit their company. When teachers feel that their achievements aren’t celebrated or even noticed, their engagement and productivity with their work declines.

It’s a common misconception that for employee recognition to be appreciated, it must come in the form of a gift card or bonus. However, it definitely doesn’t have to be a grand gesture to be impactful. Even just a simple “thank you” or a handwritten note makes all the difference in increasing an employee’s perceived value and loyalty to your company.

4. Encourage a healthy work culture 

Workplace culture encompasses the norms, standards, values, and working environment of a business. It sets the tone for expectations on behavior, performance, and overall mood. Even if the culture is virtual – it has a large impact on how teachers feel, and thus perform while working. It can either influence enthusiasm and positivity or can be a breeding ground for stress if left unchecked. 

It’s important to employees that their company creates a culture that is open and adaptive to the changing needs of team members. One that makes them enjoy coming to work everyday and putting forth their best effort, knowing that it’s appreciated.

With a positive atmosphere, morale and satisfaction flourish and can attract quality teachers when recruiting. Ask for your team’s feedback to understand what a great workplace culture means to them.  

5. Create a consistent feedback loop 

Administering surveys allows company admins to gain useful insights into the motivation, satisfaction, and engagement of their teachers. Particularly when anonymous, team health surveys encourage authenticity and honesty which greatly increases the value of feedback received.

Asking for feedback from everyone ensures that teachers know their opinions matter to the team and overall company. When companies understand the perspective of their team, they’re better able to target issues that may impact retention. Companies that modify their strategy by using employee feedback are better able to eliminate employee pain points and influence a productive company culture.  

As hardworking and talented teachers yield such impact over company culture, retention is a crucial part of any educational business. Of course, while some staff turnover is healthy and a natural part of the business – routinely finding quality employees to replace others costs time, effort, and money. Thankfully, with some intentional, employee-focused changes it’s possible to hire and keep the great teachers that hold such influence within your company. 

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